Donkey Kong Jr swings onto the 3DS Virtual Console this week

Are you fed up of Mario taking up all the limelight and being too heroic in all his recent games? Well this week Nintendo are releasing a tasty antidote just for you with the emergence of NES classic Donkey Kong Jr on the 3DS Virtual Console!

This classic has a similar feel to the arcade wonder that was Donkey Kong only in this one it’s Mario who’s the bad guy, caging up Donkey Kong for reasons I’m not too sure of, probably to make a show of him on Broadway or something. The aim of the game is to swing and climb through the levels collecting and using keys to free Donkey from his cage all the while avoiding all the crazy animals Mario throws at you. It’s a tad expensive considering it’s essentially four stages of gameplay replayed over and over but this is a favourite in many people’s books.

Also out this week on the 3DS Virtual Console is NES Open Tournament Golf which incidentally also features Mario. If you’re expecting Mario style power-ups then you’ll be disappointed to learn there’s none to be had here; it’s an attempt at a proper golf sim and it does a decent job. You choose the direction of your shot via a birds-eye view of the course, taking into account wind direction and speed, and then adjust the power Mario swings before taking the actual shot.

The Wii Virtual Console has a Neo Geo title added to the roster this week with 2020 Super Baseball. The game is not a baseball version of Twenty20 cricket, instead it’s a futuristic look at baseball in the (now not too) distant future and features all-sorts a crazy additions such as fielding power-ups and zones on the field that stop the ball from moving. The very fact this is a Neo Geo title that isn’t a fighter could well be enough to entice many gamers to pick it up.

Only one title is coming out on the DSiWare this week, puzzle title Rummikub. As you might have guessed it’s a game based on the popular table-top pastime that saw you creating various combinations in an attempt to outwit your opponent. If you’re a fan of rummikub then this one could be a good value title for you but if you’re looking to get into it then maybe an actual set is best for you as this game is not cheap, £7.20 no less!

Fancy a free demo? Well there’s one for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes available on the 3DS eshop this week for those who aren’t sure if they should get the game yet. It’s free, so what’s stopping you?

And lastly this week there is even more Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC for your rhythmic tapping pleasure with two field stage tracks and two battle stage tracks. This week’s field tracks are The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum from FFXII and Crystal Cave from FFIII, while Ragnarok from FFXI and Challenge from FFX will be the battle stage tracks.

All these games and add-ons will be available to download from Thursday 23rd August. Donkey Kong Jr is a hefty £4.50; NES Open Tournament Golf is £3.60; 2020 Super Baseball will set you back 900 points (roughly £6.30); Rummikub is a staggering 800 points (£7.20); and the Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC is the usual 90p per song.

So what do you think of this week’s download offerings? Will any of you be putting your hand in your virtual pocket for any of these titles?

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