StreetPass Manchester Gets Off To A Great Start – Report

StreetPass Manchester held their first major StreetPass event over the weekend and it was a massive success! StreetPassing, pink puzzle pieces, tournaments and prizes were all present and correct and of course, seeing as it was held in Manchester, rain also made an unwanted appearance!

Coin Rush Winner

The rain didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits however as we all simply invaded the nearest Costa to escape it! This was a bit of a blessing in disguise really as unfortunately Manchester hasn’t gotten around to installing plug-sockets outside yet and that is not good news for anyone teetering on the edge of red light territory! Fortunately Costa has plenty of sockets available for everyone to get hold of an emergency charger!

The main events of the day were a Mario Kart 7 tournament, a Kid Icarus Uprising tournament, and a Coin Rush competition to celebrate the arrival of New Super Mario Bros 2!

The Mario Kart tournament was up first and there was no shortage of entrants. A whopping (and very convenient) 16 people entered so in true Olympic style two semi-finals were created with the top four from each semi-final making it into the final! The tournament was hotly contested and some people missed out on a place in the final by only a point or two! In the end it was Richard who came out on top, dominating the final course (SNES Rainbow Road) to give him the gold cup and the top prize of a £10 eshop voucher! Tasty! Second place was Mark who received a Mario T-shirt, a Nintendo pen and a 3DS keyring for his efforts and joint third place was Andrew and Andy (THAT’S ME)! We received a Mario T-shirt, a 3DS keyring, a Nintendo pen, a 3DS XL cover and a mug to split between us (I got the shirt and mug).

And if that tournament had left people exhausted they certainly weren’t showing it as the Coin Rush tournament got started almost immediately! Three stages were chosen in high-score coin rush mode and it was all down to the competitors to nab that high score, the winner would be decided at the end of the day…

Kid Icarus Winner

Kid Icarus Uprising got its tournament underway next with eight players fighting to become champion and competition was extremely fierce, some players meant serious business as the Circle Pad Pro started to make an appearance! In the end it was Richard who managed to become the overall victor and he received another £10 eshop voucher, just think what you could do with twenty quid on the eshop! Well done Richard!

And so all that was left to do was decide who had won the Coin Rush competition, would Richard take a tournament hat-trick by winning this one too?! Well you wouldn’t put it past him! In the end an incredible effort by Paul took the top spot and he picked up a £10 eshop voucher of his own to finish the day! Andrew took second place and Richard finished the day on the podium in what was a very successful day for him!

But that wasn’t all that happened on the day. Probably the most exciting thing to see wasn’t the tournaments or the fabulous prizes, it was simply seeing a load of gamers get together, socialise, play games, trade puzzle pieces and have fun! While all these tournaments were taking place people were grouping up with others and doing their own thing! People were showing off and trading their Kid Icarus cards, Mario & Sonic Virtual Cards and Pokédex data all day long and as for the games there were people trading and battling on Pokémon Black and White; battling on Pokémon Conquest; teaming up on Zelda: Four Swords; and tapping along co-operatively on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy!

In the end the head-count was around 35 people! That’s a lot of flashing green lights! People came from as far as Shropshire and Stoke-on-Trent to the event and it really was an incredible six hours of gaming that saw people come and go, dip in and out and even nip off to Gamestation to pick up a few new purchases!

Overall to say this event was a huge success would be an understatement and the organiser, James Bowden, did a fantastic job of arranging everything so a massive thank you must go out to him! Also a big thank you is in order to Jon Howe, Jonathan Town and Nintendo UK for being really helpful and providing those amazing prizes! And also to Costa for being so friendly and not batting an eyelid when thirty-something 3DS wielding gamers strolled in and took over half the store!

James also wrote a report of the event over at StreetPass Manchester’s blog which can be found in the links below along with the Twitter address and a link to the Facebook group. If you’re in the midlands or the North I would strongly recommend you follow and get involved!

This was just the first event in what James hopes will be many more and I for one am already looking forward to the next event! Seriously, my puzzle swap panels have never looked so good!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Wish I could have been there!


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