Nintendo Power Set To Close It’s Doors

It is being reported that US magazine Nintendo Power is to cease publication. One source has stated that Nintendo is uninterested in renewing Nintendo Power’s contract with publisher Future, and has given no indications that it will take over responsibility for the magazine itself, as it did until Future was contracted in 2007. Nintendo was also disinterested in participating in a number of digital initiatives that Future had planned for the magazine.

This news hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo or Nintendo Power publisher Future. However, Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman posted this on Twitter:

“Thanks. We’ll try to make the last issues memorable.”

What do you guys think? More news to come as it is confirmed.

4 Responses to “Nintendo Power Set To Close It’s Doors”
  1. Steve T. says:

    Such a shame. Still enjoy getting this in the mail and reading it. Remember getting some players guides from them, when they still did that. I might have to start up the next Nintendo Mag here in the states!


  2. Amaris says:

    This is a sad moment for the gaming community….


  3. I can confirm that the December 2012 issue will be the last issue of Nintendo Power. Every subscriber, including me, have received, with the October issue, a letter signed by both Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America Inc., and Chris Slate, the Editor in Chef of the Nintendo Power magazine at Future US, Inc. For more information, go to


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