ZombieU – In The Eye Of ZombieU


Get ready for some gore, as Ubisoft have released the first video in a four part ‘Making Of’ of ZombieU, the upcoming title for Nintendo Wii U.

Check out Episode 1 – When Survival Horror Meets The Wii U, where Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer of ZombieU, explains that they wanted to give the player a realistic zombie experience like nothing before. The video features some gory, zombie bashing gameplay footage of the horror/survival title, with a glimpse of how the Wii U Gamepad will be used. You can almost feel the tension as the lock pick feature is shown, when the zombies inch towards the player as he enters the code to unlock the door.

The more I see ZombieU, the more excited I am for this game.

What do you think of this video? Is ZombieU on your list of games to buy for this holiday season? It sure is on mine!


One Response to “ZombieU – In The Eye Of ZombieU”
  1. Amaris says:

    this game looks absolutely fantastic. I will be buying this.


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