Future Publishing Closes Nintendo Gamer Magazine in the UK

Nintendo Gamer, a magazine that has existed in various forms in the UK since 1992, has printed its final issue and has been closed down by Future Publishing.

The magazine will now run solely in an online capacity.

Editor Nick Ellis said in a farewell note inside the final issue of the magazine that the move “draws the curtain on 20 years of independent Nintendo mags from Future Publishing.”

Nintendo Gamer in print will be missed.

Nintendo Gamer started back in 1992 when it was branded as Super-Play. It subsequently evolved  in line with the brand it dedicated itself to and became N64 Magazine, NGC and NGamer before fittingly becoming Nintendo Gamer in 2012.

In a statement issued to CVG (a Future Publishing brand), Nintendo Gamer publisher Lee Nutter said:

“After careful consideration we’ve taken the decision to close Nintendo Gamer magazine. However, with Future’s ongoing strategy to drive digital growth across its international, digitally-focussed brand business, the website, Nintendo-Gamer.net will continue as excitement builds ahead of Nintendo’s Wii U launch.”

The final issue will come with a massive 22-page feature on Nintendo Gamer’s history of front covers with extensive comments and insights from previous editors such as Tim Weaver and Jes Bickham.

We’re all sad to see Nintendo Gamer go here at Nintendo Scene but we’re happy to hear that the brand will live on through the website. Some of us remember gleefully reading Super-Play back in the early 90s and have enjoyed all the wonderful covers that have been printed since. The final cover has fittingly been done by Wil Overton (@Kosmikat) who has drawn up so much artwork for Future Publishing over the years.

What do you all think to this sad news? Let us know your thoughts.

One Response to “Future Publishing Closes Nintendo Gamer Magazine in the UK”
  1. This is a real body blow for me. The magazine shaped my young gaming life and most probably brought me to the point that I am now. There words from Akihabara all them Years ago inspired me to visit Japan and respect all cools things from Japan. It was great to have a strong Nintendo magazine that was unofficial. It will be missed and although it will be online I know it will never be the same. Thanks for all the Years…


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