Nintendo Scene – A Month In Review – August 2012

Hello all, welcome to another lovely installment of our monthly review!! This month has been an eventful one of Olympic-proportions (ah, see what I did there?). Release dates have been revealed, games have been announced, and Brits have gathered together for neat StreetPass adventures. Let’s take an in-depth look at this month’s events.

London’s Olympic StreetPass Event

First and foremost, let’s talk about the Olympic StreetPass!! There was an amazing turn out, with almost 100 people in attendance. Of course, as with most events like this, there is always the initial fear of no one showing up, and having to close everything down early. But not this time. Gamers from around London showed up to trade information and do StreetPass things, as well as chat and compete in different games. The pictures from the event could tell a story in and of themselves. Just from looking at them you can get the sense of community and love of gaming that comes with things like StreetPass events. Be sure to check out Stuart’s post on the entire event. It was something else, and I am very jealous of everyone that got to go! Maybe you guys should host one over here in the States? 😉

Continuing on with StreetPass news, StreetPass Manchester held their first major event this month, and it was a huge success! Despite the deluge from above, many of people came by to enjoy the gaming experience. Everyone took the event inside a local Costa (which I am assuming is a coffee shop?), which was a blessing for any and everyone that was low on battery power. A quick summary of the events goes as follows: a Mario Kart 7 competition, a Kid Icarus Uprising tournament, and a Coin Rush competition. Over all, almost 40 people came in out of the rain to compete for eShop vouchers, posters, T-Shirts, and cool Nintendo memorabilia, and to socialize and share their love of gaming. Great job guys! And congrats, Andy, on your win! (Also, what is a Gamestation? Is it like a Game Stop?)

Awesome and dedicated fans of the Metroid franchise, known as the Shinesparkers, have put together another album of music from the series. They’re calling it Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, and it is set for a November release date.  If you’ve heard their previous album, then you know that the music is absolutely fantastic. Their first album, Harmony of a Hunter, was a double album that you can download hereAs a hardcore fan of the Metroid series myself, I very much look forward to this expansion. I downloaded the first album and absolutely fell in love with it. For any fan of the series, this is a must-have.

In the spirit of this year’s games, Andy wrote up a cute list of which Olympic event each Nintendo character would be suited for. I think his list is perfect, except for one thing– Samus would ACE the Shooting event. C’mon, she’s waaaay better than Fox and Falco. Also, I could not stop laughing at his Canoe Slalom choice– absolutely classic. Feel free to give it a read, it will make you chuckle.

Good news everyone! (Professor Farnesworth style, yo). All of you lucky people in the UK and Ireland had the wonderful chance to win an awesome DK collector’s mug! Just by following our Twitter account and retweeting the specific tweets in the post, you were automatically entered for a chance to win. Contest ended 12/8/12 at10 PM, thanks for all the participation.

You can earn double the Club Nintendo stars for buying New Super Mario Bros 2 in the eShop, but it’ll cost you about £1o more. Sneaky sneaky, Nintendo. If you’re not all too big on collecting double the stars, your best bet would to be to buy a physical copy of the game, which looks fantastic by the way.

Nintendo released their Holiday line up for the DS, 3DS and the eShop this month. What with the Wii U launching this holiday season (and possibly November 18th?), it will be a busy and successful run for Nintendo this year. Be sure to check out the list of games and keep in mind which ones you might want…. Black Friday’s coming fast!!

full trailer for LEGO The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was released this month. The game will have a number of playable characters, as well as many key plot lines from the Trilogy. I will be buying this game for my younger brother, as he is a fan of the LEGO video games. This game is a must have for any LEGO fan, because we all know that everything is better with legos.

New Super Mario Bros 2 has outsold its predecessor, New Super Mario Bros in the UK upon release this month. Not shocking, seeing as most people love the idea of chasing after gold. The game looks so very fun and exciting, and I will be picking it up this month as well. Speaking of which, the wonderful Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica did a lovely advertisement for New Super Mario Bros 2 this month, and let me tell you– the ad is brilliant. Not only did I love it for the simple fact of Penelope Cruz, but the ending had me in stitches. Watch the whole video, and you will feel the same way. Trust me, it will brighten your day. In a shiny coin kind of way.

Although Nintendo didn’t make a direct appearance at this year’s Gamescom, trailers for both Rayman Legends (which looks absolutely beautiful, by the way, be sure to check out the trailer) and Rabbids Land were showed. New trailers for ZombiU and Just Dance 4 were also showed, as well as a new trailer for LEGO Lord of the Rings Trilogy that I mentioned above. For a full recap of the event, click the above link.

Keeping going with the gold theme, Nintendo has made a gold nunchuck, available as a reward on the US Club Nintendo site for 900 coins. Worth it? I think so. It’s just so… pretty.

good tidbit of news for us Western Legend of Zelda fans. Dark Horse Comics and Nintendo have teamed up to produce a full length book they’re calling “The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia“. It contains an unprecedented amount of back story of Link’s adventures throughout Hyrule, never before seen concept art, as well as a correct chronology of the series, and many other very cool features. It is priced at $34.99, which seems about fair for the beautiful hardcover it is bound in. It is set for a January 29, 2013 release date. Will you be nabbing it? I know I will.

True to form, Japan has been issued a limited edition Pikachu 3Ds XL. Let me tell you, it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. The lucky Japanese will have the opportunity to pick up their pre-ordered console on September 15th. The console is priced at 18,900 Yen (which translates to £152/ US$238) and can only be purchased by pre-ordering it at your nearest Pokémon Center (and seeing as there are none in the UK/USA, we’re just unlucky) between August 25th and September 14th.  But what if they didn’t pre-order it, you ask? Well, to be honest then they most likely won’t get a console. Pre-orders for the system opened during the weekend of the 25th of this month, and the line was filled with over 300 people, taking the staff over four hours to process everybody. That’s a lot of love for Pikachu. I really do hope the console makes its way over to America. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Word has it that Team Ninja wants to work with Nintendo again. They haven’t specified which project they want to tackle, and it hasn’t been confirmed that they will even be working on anything. But if I would have to guess, I would guess that they want to work with Metroid again. Now, although I appreciate the art style and graphics of the game, there wasn’t much else that I could appreciate. Other than the fact that Metroid: Other M was simply a Metroid game, and that I geeked out at the little references I saw here and there, I felt very let down by that game. Now, by all means, Team Ninja can take on any other franchise and see what they can do with it. Perhaps even Zelda? I believe that would be interesting. But that’s just me– what are your thoughts?

Eurogamer Expo runs this September from the 27th-30th. For any of our readers going that have a 3DS, we’ve got a competition going on! To find out how to win some cool gaming swag head on over to Stuart’s article and check out the specs! Good luck, and have a good con!

A rare (and we mean RARE’– a Japanese exclusive) Final Fantasy II English translation for the NES was put up for auction on eBay this month. Although it is labeled “sample”, the owner of the game says it is not a fake, and that the game plays from start to finish in English. As I write this article, clicking on the link to the eBay listing leads you to a page that says the listing is no longer active— did someone buy it? Lucky them!! Well, good for them, I do hope they enjoy it.

Mark your calendars, Americans! Nintendo of America will be holding a  preview event in New York City on September 13th. Pricing of the Wii U as well as an official release date will be revealed, according to the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime. Word on the street is that the Wii U will be released on Black Friday, which is an AWFUL idea in my opinion. Black Friday is quite possibly the worst shopping day of the year. I agree with Steve that December would be a better release month, but who knows? We’ll see in just a few days. Stay tuned….

The end of an era

On a sad note, Nintendo Power, one of Nintendo’s most prestigious magazines, is closing down and stopping production. As a kid, I would wait loyally for that magazine to come every month, and I would read it religiously. To hear that Nintendo is stopping its production is almost like losing a part of my childhood. I remember (carefully) tearing the posters out each month and taping them up on my walls at home, and it was like being in my own world.  It seems now that Nintendo has no further interest in continuing the magazine’s production, and while that hurts, I can understand it from a business standpoint. It’s been a good run, though. And who knows? Maybe Steve will start a magazine of his own, haha.

On a very oddly similar note, Nintendo Gamer, a popular gaming magazine in the UK, has also been closed down by its publisher. Physical copies of the magazine will no longer be published, but fans of the iconic mag are in luck– it will continue to live on in electronic form, online. Although that is better than it ceasing altogether, it still tugs at the heartstrings of many dedicated fans of the magazine. It seems it is a sad month for all of  us, what with Nintendo Power shutting down as well. My heart goes out to all the fans of the mag.

Wes previewed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon this month. From what I can see, the game looks absolutely fantastic and is a must have for any fan of the Luigi’s Mansion series. When I got my hands on the first Luigi’s Mansion way back when, I could not put it down; I simply loved the idea of playing as Luigi instead of Mario for a change. The unique game play and story line had me hooked from the very beginning. With the sequel close at hand, it looks to be a wonderful second installment to the series, and I can’t wait! Feel free to read Wes’ article and read his thoughts on the game.

This month, we got an in-depth look at ZombiU, the chilling zombie adventure game being released this Christmas for the Wii U. just by watching the demo, it looks absolutely amazing. The interface with the controller is superb, and Ubisoft seems to have utilized every inch of the controller to fit into the game. The tension and scariness that comes with zombies is there, but it is almost intensified with the Wii U. It’s almost as if you must understand the controller and how to use it to your advantage, rather than just filling zombies with shell after shell. I am DEFINITELY buying this game, without a doubt. How about you?

fake 3DS Zelda image circulated the web this month, causing a buzz to surge through the Zelda fan community. All excitement was stalled though, when the image was indeed confirmed a fake. posted the image on their site with a title of “Merry Christmas. Don’t ask”. The image looks like any title screen of a Zelda game, and looks to be very real indeed. I expect to see a lot of these in the future; not with only Zelda, but with other franchises as well.

Some news on the new Super Smash Bros was released this month. The creator of the series, Masahiro Sakurai, revealed that the new game will be getting several new characters. He also stated that the roster number won’t change, meaning that some characters will have to taken out, which may leave some fans disappointed. Personally, I’d like to see Roy come back, and of course, for Samus to stay. But I don’t think any of the original characters are in any trouble. Of the original characters staying, there will be new moves added that players will have to get used to. There is the possibility of the characters getting their entire move-set wiped and reworked from the ground up, but no one will know until a little further on in the development process.

If you’ve been a gamer in the past 20 years, then you have played Mario Kart. This legendary series has been around for 20 years now, and has touched the lives of many people around the world. It has forged (and broken, probably haha) many a friendship in its long life, and will continue to in the future! My favorite Mario Kart memory would have to be in Double Dash, playing with my little brother. Ever since he was born, he’s been a poor sport, but when we played Double Dash together, he was always so happy. I look forward to the future of the series, and I’m sure all of its fans do as well.

Iwata telling the masses

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct in Japan this month, speaking about its current consoles only. Of the things announced, a new and final Professor Layton game was unveiledProfessor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan is set for a 2012 release in Japan. It is going to be the final game in the prequel trilogy that began with Professor Layton And The Spectre’s Call. The second game,  Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask, will be release in the UK in October of this year.

GAME, a specialist retailer, had an online listing of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3Dhinting at a possible revamp for the timeless classic. Since first being spotted by Nintendo Life, the listing has been taken down, but that won’t stop the speculations. My personal belief is that Nintendo will most definitely do a revamp for Majora’s Mask. It only makes sense, and they would be foolish otherwise. Majora’s Mask was an excellent game, and I’d love to be able to take it with me every where.

Once again, I’ve reached the end of the month! August was a good run for Nintendo and for our writers. Lots of good news to report. I’d like to give a huge shout out to all of our writers for the awesome job that they’re doing. They’re really very amazing! Anyway, thanks for stopping by, faithful reader. Please keep checking back here at Nintendo Scene for the most up-to-date Nintendo news! And if you don’t have time to read an entire article, please subscribe to our Twitter account at @NintendoScene.

Thank you again, and have a lovely September. Game on, everyone!

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  1. Wow! Now that is a busy month and I think it’s safe to say it’s only going to get busier!


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