Picross e Makes the Grid in This Week’s Nintendo Download Offerings

Logical puzzle game Picross e enters into the Nintendo 3DS eshop this week. The addictive puzzle game has had many incarnations over the years and this one looks set to be the best of the lot! For those who’ve never played a Picross game before you’re given a grid with numbers along the top and side indicating how many squares are coloured in that column or row. For example, a column within a grid of 5×5 squares that has the number 5 above it would have all squares coloured in. If that number was 4 though, only 4 of the 5 squares would be filled in. The idea is to use the other squares around you to finally figure out which squares are coloured and which ones aren’t.

Meanwhile over on DSiWare this week is a title called Crazy Hunter, a game that is crazy by name and crazy by nature. The aim of the game is to help your newfound crocodile chum build a tower of goats in order to get to a golden-egg laying hen who lives on a cloud. Essentially you collect your building blocks, the goats, by ramming into them in a speedboad game and picking them up with a crane in a bizarre fishing game, you then use them to build your glorious tower. I told you it was crazy…

There are no WiiWare games this week but there is a Wii Virtual Console title being made available in the form of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. That’s right, it’s another Neo Geo fighter! This one is the sixth instalment of the Fatal Fury series and is essentially more of the same beat ‘em up action with some improvements made and a few new additions thrown in for good measure. This game was actually deemed as one of the best fighters on the Neo Geo so if you find yourself sifting through the plethora of SNK beat ‘em ups on the Virtual Console then this is one to watch out for!

Naturally there’s some more Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC for you this week with four new songs to download, three of them battle stage tracks and just the one field stage track. The three battle stage songs are A Contest of Aeons from FFX, The Final Battle from FFIX and The Extreme from FFVIII. Dark City Treno from FFIX is the lone field stage song.

All of these games and add-ons will be made available for download on 6th September. Picross e offers very good value for money at just £4.50; Crazy Hunter is 500 points (£4.50); Real Bout Fatal Fury Special is 900 points (£6.30); and the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC is the standard 90p per track.

What do you all think to this week’s selection? Will you be downloading any of them? Let us know your thoughts on Picross e, is it the best one yet? We’d love to hear from you!

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