Wii U Games We’d Like to See: Animal Crossing Universe

Animal Crossing has been a hugely popular game series for Nintendo from the very moment it appeared on those lucky Japanese N64s! Nintendo weren’t convinced at first that the game could be a success in the Western market but in 2002 they took a chance and ported the game onto the Gamecube in North America and Europe. The West went wild for doing chores, catching bugs and paying a certain tanuki’s extortionate rent charges and before long the franchise found itself on the DS, with Animal Crossing: Wild World; the Wii, with Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City; and will soon be coming to the 3DS with Animal Crossing: Jump Out.

Notice however there’s something missing. The Wii U. Just what do Nintendo have planned for the social ‘em up on their new home console? Well here’s a look at what I think the game could be like for the Wii U. I call it Animal Crossing Universe!

The main premise would still be to own your own home and live in a world full of other animals going around delivering letters, collecting Gyroids, catching fish, watering turnips and designing clothes in the way that it always has been; but this is the Wii U and it would be a crime not to utilise its capabilities!

One of the best things about Animal Crossing is that it’s social, not only with your animal pals but also with your friends. On Wild World for example you could connect with your other DS toting friends and visit one another’s towns! The same could happen here only on a much grander scale.

Instead of a town you live on a planet, your planet, and on that planet is a spaceport complete with a space shuttle for you to jump into and head off into the MiiVerse! Using your spaceports you can visit your friend’s planets and hang out with them or invite them over to your planet to show off what you’ve done with the place!

And that’s just with your friends, how about heading on over to random people’s planets or opening your gates to the entire MiiVerse? At your spaceport you could have a ‘space-traffic control’ tower where you can determine just who can dock at your spaceport. You can set it to only allow friends to dock, or you could open it to literally everyone out there to come in and say hi.

Maybe you could have a jobs board at your spaceport. Got too many weeds encumbering your planet? Why not hire a few bodies to come in and give you a hand picking them all up? You could head on over to the job board and put an advert up: ‘weed pulling: 300 Bells’. Someone would come along, accept the job, come into your planet and help you pull up the weeds before heading home with 300 Bells in their pocket! These jobs could be posted straight to the MiiVerse where your friends can see what jobs need doing on your planet and they could help you out straight away with one click!

It’s not all about your planet and your friends’ planets though; out there in space there could be communal planets to visit. A planet full of shops for example where you could trade items with others to complete your collection or buy rare items that Nintendo could release at will, you could even sell your own clothing designs to others and get your vibrant designs seen by thousands of people in the MiiVerse! You could have an amusement planet full of games for everyone to play, a restaurant planet for you to wine and dine your virtual friends, a planet full of cinema screens for you to go and watch Nintendo Videos and trailers, and maybe a café scene where, if you’re lucky, you could find K.K. Slider!

While you’re out there in space you could bump into old friends, animals you once knew. You know the ones who say farewell and skip town leaving you to sit in their empty home bawling your eyes out… I mean reminiscing! Reminiscing about good times had! Maybe you could even persuade them to move back to your planet instead of living in hope for all eternity!

As we know the Wii U Gamepad will incorporate a camera and a microphone so you could voice chat with your friends (and strangers if you permit it) over the net; that would be simple enough for the Wii U to do thanks to the MiiVerse. The controls themselves are pretty self-explanatory (circle pad to move, buttons do certain context sensitive actions) it’s the touch screen that will offer the most innovation! It could be used for various things: notifications, friend lists, options, maps, memos, to-do lists, applications, items, typing, the MiiVerse, pretty much anything you can possibly think of! Not to mention you can walk away from the television and play while mobile!

Of course by the time Animal Crossing makes it to the Wii U, the 3DS version will have been released! Surely the two versions could be connectable. If your friends don’t have a Wii U but they do have a 3DS then they could visit your planet using their game file on Animal Crossing: Jump Out!

All in all this completely hypothetical Animal Crossing Universe would be the most sociable game in the series yet! There would be so much to do you’d be busy for hours hanging out with your friends, collecting fossils, designing shoes and clothes all the while clawing together enough rent for that crook Tom Nook!

I really hope Nintendo make this game! I mean, come on, the U in Universe fits perfectly with the Wii U logo…

One Response to “Wii U Games We’d Like to See: Animal Crossing Universe”
  1. jo says:

    Some really good ideas there! ^^


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