Zelda II Available for Download This Week Alongside a Crazy Marsupial and a Metal Slug

As was reported a few days ago Zelda II: The Adventure of Link will be released on the 3DS Virtual Console this week. The NES classic is the sequel to the already available The Legend of Zelda but if you were expecting more of the same you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead of the top-down view we all know and love, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link experimented a little and made the game a side-scrolling RPG. The game is seen as the hardest Zelda game ever released so if you’re looking for a challenge this week then this one’s for you. Of course if you bought the 3DS around its original launch then you will already have this title and are envied by all the rest of us.

Also out on the 3DS eshop this week is Crazy Kangaroo, the latest mobile game to make the transition to the 3DS. Like last week’s Crazy Hunter on the DSiWare this one is a little bit mad. The aim of the game is to jump from platform to platform endlessly collecting trinkets which sounds easy enough only your view is from above. The 3DS gyro controls are used and it looks like a decent way to whittle away a few minutes if you’re stuck on a boring bus journey. Whether or not this download is worth it considering it’s free on most smartphones is debatable though.

There’s also a free demo being made available this week for 3DS owners in the form of Rising Star Games’ Shifting World, the interesting puzzle-platformer that sees you changing perspectives from 2D to 3D and switching the monochrome black and white colours around to progress. The game releases later this month so this is  a good chance for you to check out if it’s worth a purchase or not.

Over on DSiWare this week is Bookstore Dream, a management sim that sees you running your own bookshop. It sounds tedious but this could be a decent addition to the catalogue of managerial games out there. Whether or not the game allows you to play as Bernard Black remains to be seen…

Meanwhile the Wii Virtual Console is getting a big release with another Neo Geo SNK game incoming this week, and it’s not a fighter! Yes, Metal Slug X, the epic side-scrolling run-and-gun title, is being released this week! The game sees you blasting your way through hoards of enemies and rescuing as many prisoners of war as you can across six different stages. If you remember this game you’ll most likely be downloading it immediately; if you don’t it should definitely be on your radar as it’s regarded by many as one of the very best Metal Slug games out there!

As usual there is some more Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC this week with four new songs being added, two field stage tracks and two battle stage ones. The field stage tracks this week are Somnus from the upcoming PS3 game Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Gustaberg from FFXI. This week’s battle stage tracks are The Battle for Freedom from FFXII and Final Battle from FFX. Will they ever run out of songs?

All of these games and add-ons will be made available for download on 13th September. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is £4.50; Crazy Kangaroo will be £3.60; Bookstore Dream is a reasonable 200 points (£1.80); Metal Slug X will set you back 900 points (£6.30); and the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC is the usual 90p a song.

What are your thoughts on this week’s selection? Will you be rushing to download Zelda II: The Adventure of Link or do any of the others take your fancy? As usual we’d love to hear from you!

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