Metroid Blast and Balloon Trip Breeze Confirmed for Nintendo Land

This month’s Game Informer magazine has revealed two new games that will be included in the upcoming Nintendo Land. The two games are Metroid Blast and Balloon Trip Breeze.

Metroid Blast is reported to be a multiplayer shooter in which up to four Miis wear Samus’s suit and aim to shoot down the bounty hunter’s ship which is controlled by another player using the Wii U Gamepad. There’s no radar and the arenas are large so this one could end up being a favourite!

Balloon Trip Breeze meanwhile sees you guiding your Mii across a perilous side-scrolling course filled with birds, spikes and devious fish. To direct your Mii you simply draw gusts of wind across the Gamepad’s touch screen, the aim being to get yourself as far along the course as possible!

The Nintendo Land logos did show that there would be Metroid and Balloon Fight themed games, now we know what they are: Metroid Blast and Balloon Trip Breeze.

How do these games compare to those already revealed? Which of the games are your favourites so far?

Nintendo Everything have scanned in the full Games Informer magazine article for anyone interested in reading it.

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