Wii U Pricing And Release Date In Japan Revealed

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced at this mornings Japanese Nintendo Direct that the Wii U will be released in Japan on the 8th December. The Black 32GB Wii U bundle will cost 31,500 Yen, whereas the White 8GB bundle will cost 26,250 Yen. The price of the Wii U GamePad when sold seperately is 13,440 Yen.

Nintendo also announced during today’s presentation the introduction of Nintendo Network Premium which is a loyalty program for the Premium 32GB Wii U owners. Nintendo Network Premium gives 10% back on digital purchases. This will not be a paid service, and will run through until December 2014.

The Wii U is to feature 2GB of memory, 1GB for system memory plus 1GB for games and will support up to 1080p. It will also use its own optical disc format that can hold up to 25GB of data, and the system has a 22.5 MB/sec disc read rate. It is possible for you to import your Virtual Console games and WiiWare games from the Wii, which is great for those of you who have built up a nice catalogue over the years.

You can watch videos and play games on the Wii U GamePad, it will feature low latency so you won’t experience any lag.

This is big news, and it has been confirmed that the US and Europe are to announce their region specific dates later on today. Stick with us for more updates as it comes.

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