Additional Wii U GamePads to be Made Available When Dual GamePad Content Arrives Next Year

Wondering why you won’t be able to get hold of an additional Wii U GamePad on launch? Well here’s your answer courtesy of Bill Trinen of Nintendo of America: you won’t need one.

Yes, explaining why it wasn’t mentioned during the Nintendo Direct presentations, Trinen, during an interview with 1-Up, said:

“The reason we didn’t mention it is that, in the launch window titles, none of those are going to support dual GamePads. The launch window is all going to be single-GamePad.”

However, that being said there will be games made available in the mysterious land of the future that will feature the use of more than one GamePad!

“The dual-GamePad functionality, we expect to start seeing that in games sometime next year. Our feeling is, we’re not going to sell another GamePad if you don’t have something to use it with. We’ll make that available as an additional accessory when there’s content to support it.”

There you have it, now’s not the time for dual GamePad gaming. That comes later! So if you’re thinking of being a total clutz and breaking your one and only GamePad you’d better hope some dual GamePad content gets released sharpish!

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