New Pikmin 3 Screenshots Released by Nintendo

Sadly Pikmin 3 was confirmed for a 2013 release during Nintendo Direct but that doesn’t mean our excitement for the game has dwindled at all!

Nintendo have been very nice and revealed four new screenshots of the upcoming game for our viewing pleasure. It’s sad we have to wait to get hold of Pikmin 3 but at least news is still coming through on what could possibly be the best game of 2013!

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine]

3 Responses to “New Pikmin 3 Screenshots Released by Nintendo”
  1. This is the major game for. I know they’ve said we’re looking at a 2013 release but I beg of it for Christmas. Please Iwata make it so.


    • As long as it’s not something daft like December 2013 I’m happy! I hate it when they say next year… could mean anything…


      • Nathi says:

        Yes! Wii U will be very good, but I’m winatig for Metroid on the Wii U if you are a Metroid fan you will be winatig 4 this tittle I really love Metroid and Resident Evil too! I will buy the Wii U for this reason only if they make the Metroid on Wii U and Resident Evil see u! =D


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