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The Many Faces of Nintendo is a new segment to the Nintendo Scene family that I have been working on for some time and now feel that it’s ready to bring to the masses. The idea of the series is to give the readers an inside look at the bloggers they have come to know and love. Most of the responses will be “sure, I saw that coming” and some of the questions/answers will be out of left field. Now, without further ado, I present the maiden voyage of “The Many Faces of Nintendo Blogging.” Please allow me to introduce to Nintendo Scene The Nintendo Kingdom and interviewee, JTA777

Name and Location

I’m JTA777 (Jack), and I live in the United States!

How You came up with the name for your site

To be honest, I’ve been through tons of names on my site. Our original was NintendoИ, (for NintendoNow, or NintendoNews), but eventually me and my cousin agreed on Nintendo Kingdom. Eventually, that blog died, and a few years later I started a new one. I decided to make it Nintendo Kingdom in honor of our old site. Now, being a huge Fire Emblem fan, I couldn’t like the name of my site more!

How long have you been a Nintendo fan?

Hmm… At least a decade now. I’ve been playing since I was roughly 3 or 4…So yeah, quite some time!

How is Nintendo moving forward, in your opinion?

I really like what Nintendo is doing as a company. They seem to putting a lot of hard work and effort into both their games and their systems. Sometimes I think that they are a little lazy (with games like New Super Mario Bros. 2), but other times, I think they are giving it their all!

Regular 3DS or 3DS XL?

I have to go with regular 3DS. I got mine on launch day, and I’ve gotten plenty of street passes sense. I can’t imagine hauling the XL around to try and collect some of those.

Pokemon Trainer? If so, Do you try to complete the Pokedex or the hell with it?

I’m not really a Pokemon fan to be honest. I did get the first Pokedex released on the eShop, but that was it. I didn’t complete it (it stopped giving me Pokemon after a while), so I just gave up on it.

Fire, Water, or Grass starter in Pokemon?

Like I said above, I’m not a Pokemon fan, but based on what I know, I think Fire is of the best.

Mario fan or Luigi fan?

Mario all the way. Luigi is one of those characters I just don’t like, and I’m not really sure why to be honest. Haha, I guess part of it is that I’m an older brother, and another part of it is that Red is way better than Green.

Last Wii game played?

Hmm…I haven’t played my Wii in forever. I’ve been helping my little brother and sister out with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but playing a game on my own…It was probably Super Paper Mario.

Last NES game played?

Does Excitebike 3D Classics count? Haha, if not, it was Super Mario Bros. After 10+ years of being a Nintendo gamer, I still have yet to beat it without using any cheats!

What types of games do you play?

I’m a really big fan of turn based RPGs. Especially games like Fire Emblem and Paper Mario (The Thousand Year Door). RPGs are probably my favorite as they are loaded with story, and strategy.

How do you decide what columns or pieces go on the blog?

I usually look at other sites, to see what they’re doing. If I like it, I’ll model after it in a similar way. I also just throw stuff up and hope for the best. I’d say I haven’t done too bad with that! Ha ha.

Could you see this as a career for yourself?

No, I don’t. I’m not the best writer, and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands (at least not now that school has started back up). Plus, I’m really interested in making movies, or being an architect. Sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t what I want to do with my life.

Saw that you took soundtracks off your site, didn’t want to push your luck?

Well, I didn’t want to get in any legal trouble (not that anything that bad would happen but still), and on top of that, if I really want to be seen as a hardcore Nintendo fan, I can’t give their stuff away for free! Don’t worry, less soundtracks means more wallpapers and other stuff!

Favorite Nintendo franchise or Franchises?

Fire Emblem by far! I’ve only played 3 of them, but I love them. The stories and ideas pushed across in the games are something that I love! Plus there are so many characters, all of which are great, and I can relate to many of them. The other great thing about FE is that not anyone can pick it up and beat it. It takes a lot of skill, strategy, and thought to win. Mario and Mega man Zero are also close seconds. Actually, those are the only two platformers that can keep me interested for more than 10 minutes!

Wii-U, looking forward to it our not doing for you yet?

Eh…I’m neutral on the thing as of now. It looks like a great idea, and I’m sure Nintendo is gonna go all out on it, but I don’t have the money for the thing, and I don’t see a lot of games that will appeal to me, especially at launch. But the minute Fire Emblem Wii U hits that thing…I’ll be sold!

Have you given the Wii-U a test run yet?

I haven’t unfortunately. I don’t live very close to any big cities, so the chances of Nintendo bringing something like the Wii U to show off in my area is very, very slim.

Like what Nintendo has done for Zelda’s 25thanniversary?

I liked it. It wasn’t a big Zelda fan up until just recently, but I thought what they did was cool. The whole symphony was awesome (sadly I didn’t get tickets in time), and the CD was great. Plus, all of the games they released around that time period were awesome, and made me a Zelda fan just in time!

Your girl is taken by a Giant Monkey, would you fight like hell to get her back?

You better believe it. I would fight worse than hell. I would fight until I saw victory, or until I saw death!

Are you old enough to have been in the middle of the Console wars of the 90’s?

I don’t think it’d be fair to say I was. But I do know that Nintendo was the best! SEGA and Atari don’t have anything on Nintendo!

If so, what turned the tide in Nintendo’s favor for you?

Nintendo was just better, with Fire Emblem, Mega man, Mario, Zelda, and so on, how could they not win? And I can hardly stand Sonic!

Tough to get Street pass hits or easy to get Street pass hits?

50:50. I’ve broken 100, although 80 were from my brother! I went to Disney World for vacation, and I got at least 20 from the 2 or 3 days that I took my 3DS. Sometimes I’ll get one in public when I’m bored, but that isn’t too often.

Can you defeat Airman?

I’ve never tried…

Toughest video game you’ve played so far?

Mega Man Zero 2…I’m a perfectionist, so I like to get every little thing…And that’s impossible to do when you’re playing a Mega Man Zero game…If I was playing it on easy, things might be different, but seriously, who plays on easy?

Old school Mario Party fan or fan of the newer games?

Hard to say. I didn’t like Mario Party DS or 8, but 7 is my favorite, and 6 is a close second. But I hated 5. I haven’t spent enough time on 1, 2, 3, or 4 to say which are the best.

People who cheat in online matches/battles/races-Big deal or no problem?

It’s always annoying, but what are you gonna do? To be honest, I find spammers (in Super Street fight for example, someone who continuously throws Hadokens forever) more annoying. Mainly because they are more common. I wish there was a report function, but there are just too many people to monitor.

If a fast-food chain has Video game themed toys, you buying a Happy Meal?

No. I love video games and all, but those plastic toys are always crap, and even a disgrace to the original franchise in my opinion.

Been to any video game events, like E3?

Nope. This little city doesn’t have a thing.

Favorite movie/TV show?

Movie? Hmm…Batman, the Dark Knight. The new Batman was great, but just not as great (even though Bane was better than the Joker).

As for TV show, it was an older show called Flash Forward (aired in like 2008 or something like that, and it only had one season). The main plot was that the entire world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and during that black out, people saw a glimpse of the future in 6 months. The main characters are a group of FBI agents (or some other governmental corporation) trying to figure out everything about the black out, and why it happened. Turns out, the blackout was created by a group of scientists or something. It was really interesting. It’s a shame it only aired for 1 season.

Are you able to do the Mario?

Are you really bringing that up? Ha ha, well, I’ve tried. Can’t say I’m a master of it, but I’m not too bad! Ah, that show was…weird.

Would you allow Dr. Mario to perform surgery on you?

After seeing this video, I can’t say I would…

Do you play anything other than Nintendo or is it all Nintendo games for you?

Yes and no. I have a PS1, and the original Xbox (both were gifted to me by people who have upgraded or just don’t want them anymore), and I’ve played games on both, but none that really stick. I’ve also played a few games on Steam (such as Portal, Team Fortress 2, etc.) but not enough to call myself a PC gamer, or anything close to that.

Weirdest video game related moment/memory you can think of?

Hmm…That’s a tough one…I don’t play a lot of “weird games” so I can’t really think of anything. I guess if I HAD to decide, it’d be pretty much all of Banjo Tooie.

Anything you want to tell the people reading this to get them to visit Nintendo Kingdom?

We’ve got some great stuff to offer, and we update quite often. We put a lot of focus into downloads (especially things like Wallpapers, games, and tutorials to do cool things).

Hope everyone enjoyed the interview with the Nintendo Kingdom. Would like to get an interview onto the site once a month so keep an eye out for the next Many Faces Of Nintendo Blogging next month.

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  1. Great read. Fire Emblem FTW!


  2. I like it when individuals come together and share opinions.

    Great blog, continue the good work!


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