If Rare Were Still with Nintendo Today..

In an amazingly frank interview with a Rare fan site called RareFanDaBase, Chris Seavor opens up on what happened with Rare since it’s takeover by Microsoft from Nintendo. Chris Seavor was an integral part of Rareware, starting his carrier there as a Graphics Engineer back in the 90s and worked on games such as Killer Instinct and the Conker franchise. What he says in short is that not only did the founders Tim and Chris Stamper leave but also a significant number of the team left too. What is still left for us to wonder over is, what was so bad about Microsoft that brought about these departures for such a famed developer?

If Rare were still with Nintendo today, do you think the company would have still been the same as it was all those years ago?

Chris Seavor: Pretty much. Tim and Chris would still be around, Mark B, Simon, loads of other people who subsequently left as well… Even me maybe 🙂 A company isn’t defined by bricks and mortar. It’s a people thing, so yeah, bar a few tweaks it would have been pretty much the same, both the good and the bad 😉

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