Reggie Talks MiiVerse and What You Will See When You Turn On The Wii U

President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken about what you’ll see when you turn on your brand spanking new Wii U for the first time and how the MiiVerse will intergrate with the new console.

Speaking to Kotaku, Reggie spoke about what you’ll see should the console be connected to the web:

“So when you turn on your Wii U what you’re gonna see is that home screen with all of the Miis and the Miiverse community, and what’s trending, kind of the key comments that have bubbled up through the system. So as long as you’re in a connected environment, that’s the first screen you see.”

But just who are those Miis you’ll be seeing? Well Reggie explained:

“These are your friends, these are people who have high reputation within the site, and so we’ve curated for you to see those messages.”

So it appears to be the making of a giant social network filled with Nintendo gamers and you’ll probably have friends suggested to you in the same way Facebook does. You may even see Reggie himself pop up and say hi!

He also went on to talk about the tiling system Nintendo will use:

“These [the tiles] will be the key games that the community are playing, buzzing about. Because of the deep linkage through Nintendo TVii with video services, these could also be movies. They could be TV shows, could be a range of different content, but it’s bubbling up through the community.”

Reggie sure does like the word bubble doesn’t he…

He also confirmed that friend codes are back but they are a whole lot easier than last time. Now that is a relief!

What do you all think? Are you looking forward to jumping into the MiiVerse?

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