Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Will Only Be Playable Online Using Wii U Version

Capcom have confirmed that the upcoming Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate will only be playable online via the Wii U and not the 3DS.

Speaking in Capcom’s online forum Yuri Araujo, Community Specialist, said when asked about the 3DS online capabilities:

“No plans for online mode on the 3DS version. Sorry”

Luckily Senior Vice President of Capcom Christian Svensson was on hand to blow away all that doom and gloom by talking about the Wii U’s online capabilities and the regional servers it will be using:

“This element I still need some clarity on. Obviously, cross territory network performance even if matching is possible, could have issues. For Wii U we’re using Nintendo’s servers (which I’m very happy about) and I’m not sure how they’re set up. Candidly, we’re still waiting for Wii U builds in our office to play with and there’s still many moving parts that no one except for the team members has first hand experience with at this point. We have six months until release (roughly).”

Svensson also confirmed the lack of 3DS online play is the only difference between the two formats:

“Given that there is cross play, there shouldn’t be any differences in content between the two (at least, that’s what the team has told us to this point).”

What do you think? Disappointed you won’t be able to play online using your 3DS? Let us know your thoughts!

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