Rayman Legends Has You Play as Murphy for a Good Portion of the Single Player Game

Emile Morel, the lead game designer of Rayman Legends, has spoken in an interview with Nintendo World Report about how you go about playing the game in single player mode.

In the interview he says that you’ll spend a good portion of the game playing as Murphy the frog using the Wii U GamePad while Rayman himself is controlled by AI. The idea is that instead of controlling Rayman, and getting him from A to B, you control Murphy and protect him from all kinds of danger.

“How do you play the game alone and can you play it with the GamePad? The answer is yes, you can. You play controlling Murphy with the GamePad and on the screen on the TV and also on the screen of the Wii U GamePad you’ll have an automatic Rayman controlled by an AI. Basically you have to open the paths for him, you have to kill enemies for him to make sure he can survive. You are basically the protector of Rayman.”

However the game isn’t totally played like this, but it appears around much of it is, possibly just under half of the game.

“Not the whole game is like this; you have specific levels for Murphy and the GamePad and also more classic levels when you are playing as Rayman from beginning to the end. Half of the game, maybe not half but a good portion of the game, you will have to play with Murphy.”

This has come about because Ubisoft wanted the player to use the GamePad and get the most out of it when playing alone in single player.

“We really want to make sure that when people buy the Wii U and buy this game they can play with the GamePad even if they don’t have friends at home to play with them. It’s important for us that they can use the new device and the new gameplay experience alone at home.”

What do you think of this new development? Has it affected the way you look at Rayman Legends?

The whole Nintendo World Report interview along with the demo play through with Morel can be seen in the video below.

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