This Week’s Nintendo Download Offerings Excavate La-Mulana

Fancy a spot of archaeology this week? Then Nintendo’s download offerings may be of interest to you as La-Mulana, a 2D action platformer, is set to be released on WiiWare this coming Thursday. The game sees you take control of Professor Lemeza as he heads on into several archaeological sites armed with just a whip and a Stetson (no archaeologist should go without them, just ask Indiana Jones). It looks to be a pretty good game and features plenty of temples to explore, heaps of puzzles to conquer and a whole hoard of baddies to get through. The developer, EnjoyUp Games, boasts that this game has 40 hours of gameplay on offer so if you’re looking for something to really get stuck into while you wait for the Wii U then this might be what you’re after!

EnjoyUp Games have indeed been busy recently as they’re also releasing Abyss on DSiWare this week. It’s a simple game that involves you plunging into the deep abyss in a small submarine named Nep2no to find a new energy source named Gaia. The aim is to navigate your way through close-quartered environments avoiding walls and collecting the fabled Gaia stones that are scattered about. Abyss looks like it could be a fun little game but due to its simplicity it could lack a bit of depth.

The Nintendo 3DS isn’t left out entirely this week, it is getting a new piece of download software provided by Intense. Dot Runner: Complete Edition sees you bound around several mazes eating, well dots basically. You must navigate your way through several dungeons eating dots as they appear on the bottom screen and somehow eating all these dots will enable you to defeat the intimidatingly named boss, Chop Suey.

And that’s pretty much all there is this week apart from your weekly helping of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC. Yes, four more songs will be available for you to throw your money at, this time there are three battle stage tracks and one field stage track. The battle stage tracks are We Have Arrived from FF Type-0, Desperate Struggle from FFXIII and Boss Battle from FFXII. The lone field stage song this week is Sarutabaruta from FFXI.

All of these games and add-ons will be made available for download on Thursday 20th September. La-Mulana will set you back 1000 points (£7.00); Abyss is 200 points (£1.80); Dot Runner: Complete Edition is £4.50; and the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy tracks are, as ever, 90p each.

What do you all think of this rather modest helping from Nintendo this week? Any of them take your fancy? Let us know what you think of them!

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