Darksiders II Will Support GamePad Only Gameplay Throughout

Darksiders II, THQ’s upcoming hack and slash game, has been confirmed to support GamePad only controls throughout the game. There had been some doubts as to whether it would be possible as it wasn’t during Nintendo’s Wii U event last week in New York. However a THQ spokesman has confirmed in an interview with Polygon that the GamePad will be fully supported saying:

“It works now, we just had it disabled for the NY event.”

This comes as welcome news as the GamePad enhances the gaming experience considerably, utilaising optional motion controls and using the touch screen for several purposes like a highly useful inventory screen that can be used to select and deselect items and weaponry on the fly.

It was also confirmed that the Wii U version of the game comes complete with the first DLC pack ‘Argul’s Tomb’ and will also support further DLC purchasing through the Nintendo eshop. Currently that includes ‘The Abyssal Forge’ and ‘The Demon Lord Belial’, whether or not there is any more on the horizon has not been confirmed as of yet.

The game is currently marked down as a launch title in the United States but is yet to be confirmed over in Europe. We’ll keep you posted.

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