Reggie: Wii U Will Have Great Third Party Content “For A Long, Long Time”

The Wii U’s upcoming release has sparked excitement and conversation across the entire gaming community with so many topics and questions being bandied around. One of those big questions everyone’s asking is how the Wii U will stand up to its rivals inevitably more powerful new consoles and how it will affect future third party support.

Currently the Wii U’s third party offernings are looking incredibly good, something we haven’t really seen for a long time. We have Bayonetta 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Darksiders II already confirmed for the Wii U, but will this blissful era of third party support last? Well Reggie Fils-Aime thinks it will. Speaking to Kotaku Reggie spoke about the past and the hopeful future of third party support on Nintendo’s new console.

“The best part is that now with HD capabilities and a strong online system, third-party are gonna bring their best content to the Wii U. Because those were two key barriers that if I’m creating the latest Call of Duty experience and I’m looking to bring it to the Wii a year ago, in an SD format without a robust online experience, they made the decision not to do that.”

“Now with Black Ops 2, certainly we’re getting the latest, best effort from [developer] Treyarch, and bringing it on our system.”

But what about the future? Well Reggie has an answer for that too, pointing at the Wii U specs that were revealed during last week’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

“The fact is that in the Wii U we’ve built a lot of capability… it has an extremely large RAM built into the system, the fact that the discs are high-capacity [25gb] discs. And so we’ve got a system that, based on our review of the world and our architecture, it absolutely’s gonna hold up and bring the best content from third-party for a long, long time.”

Reggie clearly feels the Wii U has a robust enough console that is more than capable of keeping up with competitors:

“From a performance standpoint, GameCube was, if not #1, certainly #2 from an overall performance standpoint. #3 was PS2. So performance has absolutely nothing to do with longevity and support. The basis is how big is the installed base, how robust is the ongoing conversation with key licensees, that’s what’s gonna drive the level of ongoing support at least from a third-party perspective, whether or not a system holds up six years or seven years after launch.”

So Reggie Fils-Aime feels the Wii U has the longevity to retain that third party support, but what do you think? Are you convinced we’ll still be seeing Call of Duty games on the Wii U in years to come? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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