Wii U and other Nintendo Hardware Supply Damaged due to Anti-Japanese Tensions in China

Reports are developing that Japanese components maker Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd, a major supplier to Nintendo Co Ltd, said it was halting operations at its China facilities in Tsingtao (Qingdao) through Tuesday due to damage caused by demonstrators. The company also added that it is undecided on when operations would resume.

Nintendo have not yet commented on the situation. They have not released any statements as to any possibilities of any hardware supply issues.

Anti-Japan Protesters

Hundreds of Japanese businesses and the country’s embassy suspended services in China on Tuesday, expecting further escalation in violent protests over a territorial dispute between Asia’s two biggest economies. The territorial row over the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands, known as Diaoyu in China, is threatening the economic ties between Tokyo and Beijing.

Some demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at the Japanese embassy in Beijing. Protesters were heard chanted “Diaoyu Islands are China’s” and “Kneel down bastards”. Another group urged Beijing: “Flatten Tokyo, destroy Japan!”.

The number of affected companies range further than just Nintendo, including; Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Canon, Sony and Apple. All responded by closing down production. Fast Retailing, owner of the Uniqlo brand, shut outlets through Beijing, while 7-Eleven convenience stores, which belong to another Japanese company, were also closed. There have been calls throughout China by protesters to boycott Japanese products.

According to the latest data from the Japanese government, there are roughly 141,000 Japanese living within China. In Beijing, police gave public announcements saying “Japan has violated China’s rights and it is only natural to express your views . . . However, we ask that you please express your patriotism in an orderly, lawful, rational fashion.”.

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