Wii-U NY Press/Media Conference: Games Recap

My last post was a recap of the presentation that was shown across the internet. This post will recap most of the games at the show and give an inside look at what I think about some of the games that I had a chance to demo. Lets get started, we have lots to cover.

I already covered Metroid Blast in my last post so I’m going to start with another NintendoLand attraction, Mario Chase. The point of Mario Chase is quite simple. The one player with the GamePad plays as Mario and runs around, trying to not get caught by the other players, who are dressed as Toads. The Gamepad has a map of the area as well as being able to see where the Toads are going, just so Mario can stay one step ahead. I found this game to play similar to the Animal Crossing attraction in the fact that one player plays the guards and everyone else plays the animals trying to collect candy. The only difference is the objectives. One has you trying to get Mario and the other has you collecting candy. The next attraction at NintendoLand is called Balloon Trip Breeze. Players tap the Gamepad with the stylus to create wind for the passenger on the balloons to collect balloons and avoid spikes and other enemies in the sky. The demo only had three levels to show and I know this because the girl running the demo basically threw me off because I was getting further than anyone else and I guess they didn’t want me to get to the end of the demo. Balloon Trip Breeze looks like it’s going to be another addictive game in NintendoLand.

I’m still not really a fan of the Pikmin games but Pikmin Adventure for NintendoLand is an addictive game that is really fun to play with lots of people. The GamePad player takes the role of Olimar and attacks by throwing Pikmin. That player can also call the other players over, who are dressed like Pikmin, and throw them at enemies. If one of the players gets eaten, they need other players to break them out of their “poo prison” so they can continue on in the quest to escape to the ship and off the planet. Each player can collect items along the way to help them level up and have more range for attacks as well as different weapons to attack with. This game has that “all for one” feeling as well as that “everyone for themselves” feeling too.

When this time of the year comes around, it can only mean one thing. Football season is upon us and that means a new Madden is here as well. Madden 13 takes what the previous Madden did and builds on it. The franchise mode is deeper and you can take the role of your favorite coach and run the team the way you want to in Coach Mode. The Gamepad allows for the player to change the play on the fly to basically anything they want. If they want the one receiver to go straight and then cut left, they can draw it on the Gamepad and the receiver will do just that. Up to 5 players can play and any combination of Gamepads and controllers can be used. I asked the guys running the demo if audibles could be stored on the Gamepad menu screen and got the “Maybe next year” response. Oh well, the game still looks great. I tried out some crazy routes but was pushing the wrong button for the receiver so I got sacked before I could throw to him. Looks like another winner for the Madden team. Now if only the Jets could win the Super Bowl!

“Beat em up” games were very popular back in the good old days of the arcade. It seems like with Ninja Gaiden 3:Razor’s Edge, they are trying to go back to that golden time. From what I saw of Ninja Gaiden, I consider it a beat em up game. The game looks great. From the cut-scenes to the actual gameplay. You get karma for every kill and you can use that karma to upgrade weapons or learn new skills. There is a Blood Rage mode that basically kills everything in sight. Nintendo doesn’t normally do gore but with the Wii-U, it looks like Nintendo is trying to get into that faction of gaming and if every game does it like Ninja Gaiden, then I don’t think Nintendo will have to work too hard to get the job done.It was also mentioned that the Bayonetta series will be getting a sequel that is a Nintendo exclusive as well as Project P100, which has been changed to the Wonderful 101. It’s great to see Nintendo trying even more new things but both of these games weren’t at the event to test. It appears that Bayonetta 2 being a Wii-U exclusive has angered the masses but if the game is good enough, just get the system and play it. If you don’t wanna get the system, that’s fine too, but you won’t be able to play the game then. It was also announced that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be on the Wii-U as well as the 3DS but it won’t be coming out till March of next year. That’s ok. As long as the game is good, people don’t mind waiting.

Activision was front and center at the presentation, showing off two of their hits, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Skylanders: Giants. COD:Black Ops 2 was shown off during the presentation and they didn’t disappoint. Multiplayer will have “take to the air” mode where you can fight in machinery as well as being able to customize your soldiers to make them be able to fight how you like to fight. Also, you can split the action up between the Gamepad and the screen, so every player has their own screen rather than splitting the TV screen in half. This sounds like a great idea and would love to see Mario Kart use the Gamepad the same way. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be a launch title for the Wii-U. The Skylanders franchise was a breakout hit and Activision is hoping for the same response to Skylanders:Giants. The game is going to have real-time stats for the different monsters/creatures ported into the game from the platform. If they can get the tech from the platform into the Gamepad somehow, then I think even more people would buy it because they wouldn’t have to buy the starter pack to get the platform to get the toys into the game in the first place. If Skylanders:Giants is anything like the first Skylanders, then Activision will have another hit on their hands.

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