Australian Developers Nnooo Say Yyesss to New Wii U Game

Australian based developer Nnooo announced earlier this week that they are in the early stages of making a game for the Wii U. Though they are currently being very tight-lipped about the whole affair they have revealed that the game will be co-op based game rather than a single player one.

Creative Director Nic Watt told Aussie-Gamer that the studio hopes to begin prototyping the game within the next month or so and that he feels it could make it onto the shelves faster than most people think.

Watt also spoke about the MiiVerse and how the developers hope to use it:

“There’s a lot of ideas and until we can dive in and figure out what you can and cannot do with Miiverse, there’s some ideas that we’ve tied into that social experience like posting updates on how you’re progressing in our game, and particular features of our game will suit particular features of Miiverse, but I can’t really say any more!”

Business Director, Bruce Thomson also had some things to say about the asymmetric gameplay, where one player uses the Wii U GamePad while others use Wii Remotes, confirming it will be used in this upcoming game:

“If we’re getting Wii U Dev Kits at the start of the console’s lifecycle, you’ve got to use that – otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.”

Nnooo currently have a few games in the works, most notably the upcoming 3DS game escapeVektor and DSiWare game Spirit Hunters Inc. We’ll let you know any more info on this new Wii U game as soon as we get hold of it!

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