Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Wii Sports Rio 2016

The Olympic Games are all done and dusted now and I, along with many others, am missing it profusely! Before the games even began all the London 2012 merchandise was circulating including the traditional licenced video games. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners got to play the official London 2012 game while Nintendo Wii and 3DS owners could play the traditional Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games title.

I decided against buying the Mario and Sonic game as I’d seen quite a bit of it and it didn’t really entice me into buying it. I did download the demo version on the 3DS but it felt almost too much like a bundle of mini-games so I didn’t commit with my cash. I don’t have much against the Mario and Sonic games, they’ve become a bit of a cult success for Nintendo, but I couldn’t help but think that they can do better, so much better, and yes I have Rio 2016 in mind already!

Just think of what Nintendo could do with an Olympic game for the Wii U! Well I did think, and here’s what I came up with…

The Rio 2016 video game could merge the Olympic Games with Wii Sports. First things first lose Mario and Sonic and bring in the loveable Miis; they’re customisable and they represent you, the gamer! Once you have a Mii you can assign them country to represent! Imagine having your Mii all geared up in the official gear of your nation! It’d be awesome!

Ever since Nintendo revealed the MiiVerse back at E3 I’ve been thinking of ways in which they could use it and I think the Olympics game could definitely make good use of it. You could take your Mii online and have him or her compete for your nation in the MiiVerse! There could be medal tables showing how many medals your nation has won whilst competing against other nations online! The medals you win will help lift your team to the top of the table! You could hang-out in the Athletes’ Village with your friends, chat about anything you want, exchange hints and tips, maybe even watch live events during the actual Olympic Games and be social while it’s going on – now there’s a prospect!

So what about the events? How could they be controlled using the Wii U? Well here are a few ideas for each Olympic event and how it would play on the Wii U…

Running events

For the running events the Wii Remote and Nunchuck could be used in tandem moving them both up and down in a running motion as fast as humanely possible until you get to that finish line! Obviously some events are longer than others so you might need to pace yourself! Usain Bolt poses should be possible too!


The hurdle events could use either the Wii Remote or the GamePad. You could button bash the A button to pick up speed and flip the controller upwards to jump the hurdles as you run by.


For the discus the Wii Remote could be flicked like in the Frisbee game found on Wii Sports Resort. I just hope that poor dog doesn’t try to catch it…

Hammer Throw

Well it seems a natural fit to spin yourself around and around with a Wii Remote in hand for the hammer throw however you’re highly likely to break everything in your living room doing that so a new method is required! Maybe you could hold the Wii Remote vertically and spin it round while holding the A button, releasing the A button will release the hammer and your timing affects how far it goes.


To throw the javelin it’d be a simple case of holding the Wii Remote and perform a fast throwing motion. Just make sure you have that wrist-strap on!

Shot Put

Instead of performing a throwing motion with the Wii Remote like in the javelin event, the shot put would be done in a pushing motion. The Wii Motion Plus should help figure out which angle you’re pushing at and how fast which should determine how far you manage to throw the heavy metal ball!


For the swimming events the Wii Remote and Nunchuck would be the most useful way to play. There could be three main events: Breaststroke, Freestyle and Butterfly as well as a relay event! You could do the actions of each stroke (breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl) using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and flick the two of them to turn once you hit the end of the pool.  Obviously there’s no steering necessary so that’s one less thing to worry about!


With the diving event it would be fairly difficult to actually perform moves in your living room! So for that reason I would suggest that the events would require you to draw a symbol with the Wii Remote that could appear on screen as you’re about to dive. Obviously the harder the difficulty the harder the symbol and your score would be determined by adding the difficulty and execution together.

Synchronised Swimming

This event would be similar to the diving event in that you could draw symbols in the air using the Wii Remote. What makes this different however is that you’re in a team and you’ll need to be as in-sync as possible! This would be INCREDIBLY hard online however so it’s probably best to have your team-mates in the same room!

Racket Sports (Badminton and Tennis)

Racket Sports are fairly easy to do. The tennis would be very much the same as the version on Wii Sports. Badminton wouldn’t be so hard either; it’d essentially control in the same way as tennis would using the Wii Remote as your racket. Thanks to Wii Motion Plus you could probably be pretty accurate with your shots in both.

Table Tennis

Again, Table Tennis has made an appearance on Wii Sports Resort and it was done pretty well! I don’t see a reason why they’d need to change the formula, just a Wii Remote to represent your bat should suffice!

Volleyball and Beach Volleyball

Volleyball, both beach and regular, could be done using the Wii Remote to represent you hand movements. The game would probably have to manoeuvre you to each available shot but the power and direction you put into your shots should make volleyball an exciting game! You could have it so you use a Nunchuck to manoeuvre your Mii if you’re feeling adventurous! The beach event would obviously make your Mii move slower.

Canoe events

The canoe is another sport that has already been featured in Wii Sports and it works quite well in the single kayak and the doubles! For the single you’d just hold the Wii Remote with both hands and perform a rowing motion as fast as you can to pick up speed or manoeuvre through the gates on the slalom. With two or more players you’d each have a remote and row as a team. It’s simple but effective!


Rowing is much like the canoe event only instead of just using the Wii Remote you could also incorporate the Nunchuck to provide you with that all important second oar! Win the race by rowing with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck together in perfect harmony at a good water-stroking pace.


The sailing events could make use of the GamePad with the wind direction being shown on the touch screen as you try and line your sails up with it and boost your way to glory. Windsurfing could be more about balancing the Wii Remote as you fight against winds to stay upright.


The track cycling events are all about tactics, pace and speed. For this one the speed of your bike could be determined by the speed in which you peddle the Wii Remote and Nunchuck as was the case in Wii Sports Resort. You’d need to pace yourself a bit in the longer races and you could use tactics by slipstreaming where possible.


Now, I don’t know a great deal about BMX but it was certainly an exciting event to watch at the Olympic Games! I noticed that on many of the jumps the riders would position themselves perfectly before landing and this got me thinking. What if you controlled the bike with the Wii Remote holding it horizontally in both hands, using the A button to accelerate and tilting it to position yourself for landing. One slight mistake on the positioning could see you come clean off your bike! The corners would probably have to be done automatically but this could have promise all the same.


With the horse riding events your timing would be put to the test. In the jumping events the horse would automatically go around to the runs, you would get to control its jumping and speed. Holding the A button would make the horse move faster and B could slow it down, as for the jumping a simple flick of the remote should get you over the fences. Go too fast and you could mess up, too slow and you might not make it over!  As for the dressage events a rhythm game could be used using the GamePad’s buttons and touch screen; the more in sync you are the more points you get.


The gymnastics events could vary in control method. For example the same method used in the diving could be used but for some events such as the pommel horse it could be better to incorporate a more rhythmic control method using the GamePad – pressing corresponding buttons or tapping the touch screen as they appear.


The trampoline event could be the only event to solely use the Wii Balance Board. We saw a glimpse of trampoline use on the trailer for Wii Fit U at E3 earlier this year and it could be done in the same way here, using your knees to bend as you hit the trampoline and lifting up (not jumping) when you’re tossed up!


Fencing would be a simple event that could just use the Wii Remote to jab in with your sword. For advanced users the Wii Balance Board could be used to make your Mii lunge forwards.


With the shooting event it could be a simple case of point the Wii Remote at the flying targets and pull the trigger with B. The best method for this would be to make use of the Wii Zapper peripheral but obviously it could be done without it.


Archery is an easy one as we’ve seen it before on Wii Sports Resort. It played pretty well on that so not much would really change here. Obviously you’d be shooting in Rio so they could utilise plenty of scenic (and windy) areas in the city for you to shoot in!


The weightlifting obviously requires strength but you can’t exactly get that just by lifting a Wii Remote over your head. This one might need to be a button basher then. The heavier the weight the longer you have to smash that A button, the weights keep going up until you can bash no more! Last man or woman standing wins!


Boxing is another sport Wii Sports has a bit of experience in. In doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the Wii Remote and Numchuck work quite well in controlling a boxer’s punches and jabs. This would be no different really.


In the taekwondo there could be a rhythm-based game with you needing to press the directions on the D-pad as well as A, B, X and Y on the Wii U GamePad in sync with the buttons displayed on screen. The more you get right while your opponent falters the more hits you can get in on them.


In Judo there are certain moves that are worth certain points. The game could start by button bashing with your opponent until one of you pushes a power meter to a certain point. Then you could go for a throw, a strong one or a weaker one. The strong throws would be harder to do while the weaker lower scoring ones would be easier. You could perform the moves by completing an on-screen button combination on the GamePad which could disappear or be longer for the high-scoring moves!


Wresting could be controlled in various ways. To begin with there’s the grappling which could be done with button bashing as in judo and then you could be faced with button combos to perform on screen. While you’re being pinned you could button bash a meter up to get out of it, with a stamina meter meaning it’d get harder as the match goes on…


There are a couple of ways the Wii U could do basketball. The first being the same way they did it on Wii Sports Resort with the player shooting free throws from different angle around the basket, and the second being an actual match using the Wii U GamePad. The GamePad has gyro controls so you could use them to shoot for the hoop too!

Water Polo

With the water polo the best method could well be to use the GamePad and tap your fellow teammates on the touch screen to pass and either tap the goal to shoot or press a button. There are only 7 players in a team so it could be doable.


Like in water polo there are only 7 players per side in the handball therefore a whole match could be achievable. Maybe the best way to control this one would be to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck with the Nunchuck allowing you to control your Mii’s movement while the Wii Remote can be flicked to shoot. Instead of the traditional horizontal pitch seen in most team sports games this one could be a vertical one so as to allow shots to be taken more accurately.


With football being 11v11 it would be pretty problematic to create a whole game just for it. For that reason it might have to be chopped down into a few mini games. Penalty shootouts would be easy enough, especially with the GamePad; you could tap where you want to put it and then try to stop a power meter at the right point while the keeper just needs to dive in a certain direction. You could also play a bit of heads and volleys with a corner mini-game (similar to the one found on Mario and Sonic) or maybe a free kick mini-game.


Hockey, like the other team sports, is a pretty difficult one. One of the most interesting parts of a hockey match however is the way in which penalties are taken. The taker starts in the centre, runs towards the goal and shoots. They could have one player be the taker and one be the goalkeeper in a penalty shoot-out! To control the taker you could use the Wii Remote, holding down A to run forward and holding B and flicking the Wii Remote to shoot. As for the keeper they could move forward using A and flick in the direction they want to save. Could be fun!

Additional extras

In the Athlete’s Village there could be mini-games available to play. What’s a Wii Sports game without bowling? That would definitely be available to play! Maybe there could be some pool tables to play on and an arcade area with old-school Nintendo themed mini-games. This thing will be set in Rio so that Frisbee dog might as well make an appearance on the beach!


I really think this could be a real winner of a game! It may well be ambitious but with the Wii U hardware I think it could well be possible. It incorporates nearly every peripheral that’s been made available on the Wii and yet doesn’t punish those for not owning any! As with the Mario and Sonic games fun takes precedence over realism and although this wouldn’t be as realistic as the PS3 and Xbox 360 titles it’d be a whole lot of fun to play before, during and after the Olympics!

I’m hoping we’ll see this game hitting the shelves on the run up to Rio 2016!

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