Pop Balloons, Shoot Pirate Chickens, Learn English from a Vampire – It’s Nintendo’s Weekly Download Offerings!

This week’s Nintendo download offering isn’t the biggest or most varied we’ve ever seen though that’s not to say there can’t be any hidden gems. 3DS owners are probably going to be the happiest this week with two new download releases arriving in the 3DS eshop in the form of Balloon Pop Remix and Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D.

Balloon Pop Remix is a bulked up version of the Balloon Pop games that have been doing the rounds for a while now, especially on mobile devices. Funnily enough the premise of Balloon Pop Remix is to pop balloons, you’re given a grid of balloons available to burst and you do so by drawing lines across the touch screen with your stylus generating a whole host of chain reactions which will naturally boost your overall score. This version of the game has a basic puzzle mode, a story mode and endless mode. There are over 100 puzzles to get stuck into in puzzle mode alone so it could be worth a look in, however whether or not it can vindicate its price tag is another matter; it’s an immensely deflating £7.20!

Don’t fancy popping any balloons this week? Well maybe you’d like to shoot at poultry dressed as pirates? If that sounds like you then you are in luck as Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D will be available to download this week. The game is the latest addition to the Crazy Chicken family and all you essentially do is gun down chickens for a minute and a half. That’s pretty much it. This game is pretty limited to say the least so you might want to think about it before you fork over your cash.

Not got a 3DS but are desperate to get your fill of chicken blasting action? Well thankfully for you Crazy Chicken Pirates will be released on DSiWare too! It’s the same game but without the 3D graphics…

Finally this week there’s more from everyone’s favourite vampiric wordsmith, Freddy, as Successfully Learning English: Year 5 is coming to WiiWare. It’s an educational title that aims to improve the English skills of little ones with the help of a cartoon vampire. If you have children who have got anything out of the previous games then this one will be worth getting. It’s more of the same just with more advanced lessons.

And that’s it for this week I’m afraid, quite a subdued one it has to be said but maybe you can salvage something from it. There’s not even any Final Fantasy Theatrhythm DLC to mention for the first time in weeks! I strangely miss it…

All of these games will be available for download on Thursday 27th September. Balloon Pop Remix will set you back a hefty £7.20; Crazy Chicken Pirates on the DSiWare will cost 200 points (£1.80); and Successfully Learning English: Year 5 will be another 800 points (£5.60). My oh my tuition fees are getting outrageous… Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D hasn’t had a UK price revealed yet, it’ll be €2 though so expect a figure around £1.80.

What do you all think? Any of these downloadable games getting you egg-cited or have they got you spitting feathers? Apologies for the lateness with this update by the way, Nintendo released the details late this week…

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