Animal Crossing Jump Out Features in Japanese Nintendo Direct!

During the Japanese Nintendo Direct stream yesterday there was a major focus on the upcoming Animal Crossing Jump Out. The game is scheduled for release in Japan on 8th November and isn’t due to hit European shores until 2013, however that hasn’t stopped the Western world from getting all delirious!

The stream featured our old mate Satoru Iwata as he wandered around his Animal Crossing town showing off a few things along the way…

Old favourites such as the Able sisters’ clothes store were included as well as some new places such as the shoe shop, a massage parlour ran by an aardvark and a museum store. Even Animal Crossing’s museum has a gift shop now!

Also shown was cool cat (dog) K.K. Slider who appears in the town nightclub should you fancy heading down there to throw a few shapes after a hard day of fishing and bug catching! Don’t worry though K.K. still has his guitar!

Designing and creating will play a big part in Animal Crossing Jump Out and there was quite a bit shown on the art editor which will allow you to custom make a whole host of new designs for items and clothing! There are plenty of shades of colour available for you to dip into so this could well be a limitless endeavour should you really get stuck into it! I don’t know about anyone else but I loved designing my own T-Shirts to show off to my animal pals!

However, the game seems to have a huge focus on community, which you’d probably expect from a game that focusses solely on the goings on in one little town. You can now call upon the townsfolk using your megaphone, help them shop, hang out for a bit and even use them to design and build things like bridges and buildings!

Of course there are your actual friends! Remember those? Me neither… StreetPass will be used in full force in Animal Crossing Jump Out! You can obviously visit each other’s towns, trade items and even jet off to a tropical land which features themed shops and a selection of mini-games!

That’s the main bulk of the new features that were shown off and there’s only going to be more in the coming weeks as 8th November draws ever closer! Are you excited about Animal Crossing Jump Out? Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky here in the West and get the Animal Crossing 3DS XL edition released alongside it!

The full recorded stream is below for anyone who wants to have a closer look!

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