Rumour Mill: Gamecube Games Coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Since it was revealed that the Wii U will not be able to play Gamecube discs rumours have been rife over whether or not Nintendo will allow them to become downloadable through the Nintendo eshop.

A few weeks ago Reggie Fils-Aime left a pretty big hint by saying that he would love to see Gamecube games become downloadable on Wii U and it appears that his wish (and ours!) may well have just come true!

UK publication Retro Gamer has revealed in its latest issue that the Wii U will be backward compatible regardless of the hardware’s inability to read Gamecube discs.

“Backwards compatibility with Wii will be included but you’ll no longer be able to play GameCube titles. They’ll be on the Virtual Console store instead.”

It’s not yet known if this is true; perhaps it is and Retro Gamer has let the cat out of the bag early but there’ll always be that doubt until Nintendo fully confirms it. Maybe they’ve not had chance to yet… it’s not like they’ve had a Nintendo Direct lately is it? Hm.

It is quite likely that this will indeed become a reality, backward compatibility is a big thing for Nintendo and was a major selling point for the Wii. Without the Gamecube games being available on the fabled Nintendo eshop Reggie and co cannot say the console is fully backwards compatible…

Here’s hoping it gets fully confirmed soon as the Gamecube really has a plethora of great games that many would like to relive or play for the first time!

For the full paged article check out the scanned image over at Nintendo Life. What do you all think? Are the Gamecube games a big priority for you or do you not really mind? Let us know your thoughts!

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