Opening Cinematic Trailer for 007 Legends Revealed

James Bond is certainly popular at the moment. With Skyfall coming to cinemas in a matter of weeks the 007 advertising and PR behemoth has been in full swing throwing Coke Zero, Aston Martins, Heineken and Sony mobile phones at us from every angle; showering our eyes with movie trailers and TV spots as well as releasing a new song by everyone’s favourite songstress Adele, which I might add, is pretty good.

But it’s not just the movie Daniel Craig is starring in this year, he’s also in 007 Legends, a first person shooter that’s heading for the Wii U, and the PR behemoth hasn’t forgotten!

There’s been a new cinematic trailer released for your eyes only showing the opening credits done in the only way a James Bond game can… Check it out below and let us know what you think! I bet it leaves you wanting Moore! (Sorry)

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