Monster Shooter Will Be Blasting Its Way Onto The 3DS eShop Soon

It has been revealed by Gamelion that Monster Shooter, the ridiculously popular mobile game, will be making its way onto the 3DS eShop. The game has been downloaded over a whopping 5 million times on the iPhone and Android devices and now the game is looking to broaden its horizons by getting itself onto a proper gaming console!

For those who aren’t aware Monster Shooter is all about er… shooting monsters. You have a massive arsenal and you head out pumping lead into any monster you come across! The story is simple enough, you play as the xenophobic Dum Dum and your sole aim is to rescue your cat from alien abductors…

The game has 20 perks that mix up the gameplay keeping it fresh as you go blasting through 60 levels in single player campaign mode or attempt to stay alive in survival mode.

Anton Gauffin, Gamelion’s founder, spoke about why he wanted to bring Monster Shooter to the 3DS saying:

“It is truly a hypnotic experience to play Monster Shooter in 3D. We are all about creating new massively popular original games for digital distribution.”

No news on a release date yet but at least we know Gamelion have their finger on the trigger. In the mean time there’s been a trailer released to get that whistle of yours whet. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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