This Week’s Nintendo Retail Releases (EU, NA, JP)

So it’s Monday again, hopefully you’ve all had a great weekend filled with as much gaming as you possibly could! Time to wipe the sleep out of your tired eyes and get started on another week! It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are plenty of new games to look forward to this week, wherever you are in the world!


The biggest release for Europe this week has got to be Pokemon Black and White Version 2 on the Nintendo DS. The hugely anticipated sequel is finally released on Friday, will you be picking up a copy?

Also on the Nintendo DS this week is 1001 Crosswords, featuring words like damn, angry and irate. Heh heh I am funny. Madagascar 3 is also getting a movie tie in released on the Wii this week as well

United States

Over in the United States this week is Pokemon Black and White Version 2, released earlier than in Europe, yesterday in fact! Many of you may already have your hands on it! You lucky lucky people!

The US are also getting a couple of 3DS games this week, with Code of Princess, Imagine Babyz (yes, spelt with a Z) and Monster 4×4. Just Dance 4 is also out on the Wii later in the week!


Japan’s releases are much more subdues this week. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Project X Zone, and Hello Kitty To Issho! Block Crash Z (another Z!?) are all available to buy for the Nintendo 3DS this week! I have no sympathy for them, they’ve had Black and White Version 2 for ages now…

What are your thoughts on these upcoming releases? Will you be playing any of them this coming weekend? Let us know!

Have a fantastic week, don’t work too hard!

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