A Special Thanks And Farewell To Orla

It’s been a busy week here at Nintendo Scene as we try to cover anything and everything Nintendo related but we’d like to take a moment to wish our former News Editor Orla all the very best in her future endeavours!

Orla has now left Nintendo Scene to take up a role with our friends over at Nintendo Life and we really do wish her every success! Since joining Nintendo Scene in February 2011 Orla has provided us all with great news coverage, brilliant reviews and some fantastic features! She has been a pivotal figure in the growth of the site and has been a whole lot of fun to work with!

Orla’s final article was her brilliant piece on The Legend of Zelda which featured in our Wii U Games We’d Like To See series! You can check it out here. A fitting last post for the biggest Zelda fan on the team! Even bigger than me!

I hope you’ll all join us in wishing her all the very best of luck in her new role! Good luck Orla! You’ll always be part of the Nintendo Scene family!

If you’d like to wish her well feel free to do so in the comments box below!

5 Responses to “A Special Thanks And Farewell To Orla”
  1. Thanks Orla for being the pioneer that you were with us. We learnt a lot together and brought the site to so many new heights. All the best with your future en devours.


  2. Darren says:

    Oh my goodness, this is so sad! Orla, you have been a credit to this website and I can’t imagine this place without you! You were and probably always will be Nintendo Scene to me. I, and i’m sure many others, appreciate what you have done for this website and its community.

    Thank you Orla, and I wish you the best of luck with Nintendo Life! Go get em!


  3. Thanks a million guys! Nintendo Scene will always be a part of me, no matter where I am.


  4. Sylverstone Khandr says:

    I remember stumbling on to one of Orla’s Nintendo Life articles. I’m so happy for her!

    You go Orla! ^_^


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