Rabbids Will Be Ready To Rumble On Your 3DS In November

Ubisoft have revealed a new trailer today for their upcoming 3DS title Rabbids Rumble  revealing a few features and, most importantly, a release date. Yes, Rabbids Rumble will be available for you to get to grips with from 16th November.

The game has you hunt down Rabbids as they’ve only gone and escaped the cartridge and gone off into the real world! There are 7 worlds of mini-games to battle through as you try and get those pesky Rabbids back in your cartridge one by one. Maybe you could use a grappling hook…

The trailer has no gameplay footage unfortunately, just a cinematic showing the Rabbids dressed almost as ridiculously as the stars of the WWE as they attempt to pummel one another… Apparently there will be over 100 Rabbids ready to rumble from the off as well as the promise of more downloadable through SpotPass.

The game covers pretty much every base the 3DS has to offer, SpotPass, StreetPass, and Augmented Reality to name a few but will this be enough to entice you when those cold November days are upon us? Let us know!

[Source: Polygon]

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