Prepare To Aww: Young Boy Discovers Game Boy Micro, Thinks It’s A 3DS Upgrade

A brilliant story of a young boy and his Game Boy Micro has emerged over at Wired.

The son of dedicated gamer Andy Robertson saw the dinky Game Boy Micro in a shop window one day and instantly fell in love with it! He became convinced that the miniature version of the Game Boy Advance was in fact a brand new upgrade to the 3DS and created a conspiracy theory as to how the shop managed to get hold of such a wonder!

After a while the boy saved up his chore money and with a bit of help from his parents went to the shop and bought the handheld. Expecting a deflated son after a realisation that this was not an upgrade to the 3DS, Robertson instead found he was elated with it and after playing WarioWare Twisted and Super Mario Advance 2, that came included with the console, he declared that this was “proof that this must be a new device because they are ‘too good to be on the DS.'”


The little lad even convinced his brother and his entire school that the device was an upgrade to the 3DS. Let’s face it, he was the most popular kid in that school for sure!

I don’t know about you, but this story has made me want to dig out my old Game Boy Advance SP and have a bash on a few games! That’s my weekend sorted!

[Source: Wired]

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