Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Pokémon U

Pokémon has been a worldwide phenomenon, of that there is no question. Wherever you go in the world people know about the lovable pocket monsters either from ploughing through the video games, watching the anime or playing the card games with friends.

It was way back in 1996 when the first Pokémon game appeared on the Game Boy in Japan and just a couple of years later the West had their chance to get to grips with it too. This game was of course Pokémon Red and Blue, the games that are still regarded by many as the very best Pokémon experience! Seriously, if Red and Blue made it onto the 3DS Virtual Console Pokémon fans across the globe would cause a possible cataclysmic disturbance that could realistically end the universe as we know it. Worth it.

Since Red and Blue we’ve had several sequels and specials. There was Gold and Silver on the Game Boy Color, the first games to bring in the day and night aspect; Ruby and Sapphire on the GBA, the first games to have double battles; Diamond and Pearl on the DS with its Pokémon Contests and the Pokétch; and of course Black and White on the DS!

Notice something though; all Pokémon games have been released on the handheld consoles. It makes sense, everyone loves having the portability that Nintendo’s carryable consoles have but perhaps it’s time Pokémon made the leap onto a home console! And with the Wii U about to be released is there really a better time for it?

With the Wii U Pokémon could naturally be played on the big screen! The battle sequences could be bulked up immensely and show off the Pokémon and their moves as they battle each other in glorious HD! Commanding your Pokémon in battle would be easy and the GamePad would make it so simple. All the usual battle commands, such as ‘Fight’, ‘Items’, ‘Pokémon’ and ‘Run’ would be there on the touch screen. You just select ‘Fight’ and then pick your desired move! Same goes with the items, select it and your backpack could open up displaying all the potions and battle items you might need. Selecting ‘Pokemon’ would bring up a list of your available ‘mon showing their stats, all of which would be easy to flick through using the touch screen!

Of course that’s just the battling, there’s a lot more to Pokémon than that! The main world would be something that could also be pushed further. On the handhelds we’ve become accustomed to the classic top-down view and I think, though it could be made into a completely 3D environment, this should stay. My reasoning for this is so that you can switch the action from the TV screen to your GamePad screen easily without any loss in the graphics department! Switching to the small screen would be pretty useful; you can sit in the corner in your own little world while someone else watches Corrie…

Of course with the Wii U being a fully online console with an extensive MiiVerse this could open up a massive realm of opportunities for a new Pokémon game! Obviously online Pokémon battles could happen, nothing new there, but the Wii U’s online capabilities could offer so much more! Pokémon is played by millions of people across the globe, how about we throw all these players into one big game. That’s right, a Pokémon MMO!

You could walk through Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn and everywhere else in amongst a load of other trainers from your region, country, continent or planet! Naturally some trainers may be better than others so you would need a level system so Level 4 starter Pokémon don’t get slaughtered by Level 60 God Pokémon! This could be done in several ways, you could add up the levels of a trainer’s Pokémon and find the average meaning you’d see how other trainers compare to you and accept or reject their challenge accordingly. Obviously all the other CPU trainers would be there if you don’t want to face off against real life players. This would be a great way of blending the great single player element of Pokémon with the awesome multiplayer we all know and love!

Another addition to online play could be a new system that could see you competing with people in your area to be the top Poochyena. Each region in the world could have a gym leader that holds the position until they are beaten by a challenger. This would give people an incentive to be the best in their region!

Pokémon is already a massive franchise for Nintendo, just think how big it could be if it made the move onto the Wii U! This currently hypothetical game really could be the biggest and most immersive Pokémon experience ever! With the Wii U’s capabilities Pokémon could get itself onto a home console and still have that portable feel as well! The sheer power of the Wii U, the MiiVerse and the Nintendo Network would make this a game that would keep Pokémon trainers busy for years and years to come!

Here’s hoping Nintendo make it happen!

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2 Responses to “Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Pokémon U”
  1. Nice read Andy! When you mentioned MMO, I immediately imagined a Skyrim style world filled with Pokémon trainers running around, bumping into each other and battle it out to be the master 😉


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