Wii U Shopping Centre Showcase Tour Gets Going

Still not quite sure about the Wii U? Want to give it a go before you hand over all that dosh? Well you’re in luck as Nintendo are bringing the Wii U to a shopping centre near you! Well, sort of near, basically Glasgow, Manchester, London, and the Midlands… Sorry Wales, thems the breaks…

Yes, between now and January Nintendo are carting their Wii U’s around the country and setting them up in various shopping centres and expos so you guys can have a go! There will also be some 3DS and DS consoles thrown in for good measure as well as the promise of competitions and prizes to be won!

Here’s a full list of dates for the tour which began yesterday up in Glasgow:

Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow: 11 – 14 October
Play Expo, Manchester: 13 – 14 October
Westfield, Derby: 18 – 21 October
MCM Expo, London: 26 – 28 October
Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester: 1 – 4 November
The Bullring, Birmingham: 8 – 11 November
Westfield Stratford City, London: 15 – 18 November
Metro Centre, Newcastle: 22 – 25 November
Gadget Show Christmas, London: 30 November – 2 December
Westfield, London: 6 – 9 December
Centre: MK, Milton Keynes: 13 – 16 December
Arndale Centre, Manchester: 3 – 6 January

Let us know what you think of it if you do go and have a bash!

[Source: Nintendo Gamer]

One Response to “Wii U Shopping Centre Showcase Tour Gets Going”
  1. I’ll be at all the London events. Plus I’ll be StreetPassing like mad there too. Looking forward to seeing the public finding out more about the Wii U.


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