Mass Effect 3 On Wii U “Exceeds The Original Versions”

Australian developers Straight Right, the team behind the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3, have spoken of their desire to improve on what’s already been achieved and create the best experience yet on Nintendo’s new console.

Tom Crago, Straight Right’s founder, told VG24/7

“On Wii U you get the same narrative, but we’re able to exploit Nintendo’s GamePad, and as a result try to deliver an experience that exceeds the original versions of the game.”

Crago also spoke about the Wii U’s technology and how it stacks up against former consoles the team has made ports for:

“From a pure technology perspective, and maybe this speaks volumes to the power of the Wii U, working on Mass Effect 3 has been very manageable. It’s been a good experience for us, although of course it’s challenging right now as we get close to completion.”

In the same interview he also revealed there are two more Wii U titles the team at Straight Right are working on but kept his card very close to his chest on their identities.

“Yeah look we do have a couple more games in development on Wii U, one of which will be announced shortly. We’ve made a big commitment to the platform and we’re really hoping it’s a great success.”

What do you guys think? Played Mass Effect before? Looking forward to the Wii U version? Let us know!

Andy’s thoughts

As a big Mass Effect fan I’m excited to see it on a Nintendo console, not because I want to play the game but because it means future releases in the franchise could end up on Wii U too. I already own Mass Effect 3 on another console so personally I can’t justify buying it again…

[Source: VG24/7]

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