Epic Mickey 2 Could Miss Wii U Launch In North America

Junction Point’s Warren Spector has expressed his worry that the upcoming title Epic Mickey 2 may not be available on the Wii U’s launch in North America due to the game needing Nintendo’s approval.

The Wii U version of the game, which only began development six months ago, still has a few gremlins in the code and it all needs to be rectified  It seems the time it takes Nintendo to approve Wii U games is unknown and everyone at Junction Point are hoping the game makes it through the process in time.

During the New York Comic Con Spector, the game’s director, said:

“The reason why we’re not committed to a date on the Wii U version is that no one has been through Nintendo’s approval process on the Wii U. We have no idea how long it will take for the game to go through approval. Disney is not going to be the reason why it will miss [November 18].”

Spector explained that Disney and Junction Point had originally spoken to Nintendo about Epic Mickey 2 becoming a Wii U game shortly after E3 in 2011, but the development team were not able to get their hands on the development hardware until the beginning of 2012 leaving them short on time to make the launch.

Junction Point are now furiously attempting to iron out the kinks in Epic Mickey 2 before they can submit the finished product to Nintendo for approval.

Here’s hoping the game makes it through the approval process in time!

[Source: Nintendo World Report]

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