Nintendo Download (Europe): Mega Man Blasts His Way Onto The 3DS

NES classic Mega Man is this week’s big hitter in Nintendo’s European download offerings. Yes, Capcom will be making the game available on the 3DS Virtual Console from Thursday and anyone who’s ever played the game will know all to well how excruciatingly difficult it is! The game, that has been available on the Wii Virtual Console for a while now, is one of the hardest incarnations of Mega Man and sees you blasting your way from left to right as you attempt to stop the evil Dr Wily from world domination! This could actually be an enjoyable experience on the 3DS, having Mega Man on hand just feels right; just don’t snap the top screen off when you inevitably rage quit in frustration! I wonder if the pause trick will work…

There’s also some 3DS Download Software being released in the form of live-action arcade shooter Mad Dog McCree. The game has had many adaptations and will probably be remembered most for being a main attraction at sea-side arcades. Whether it can stand up on the 3DS remains to be seen, is aiming with a stylus  really better that a light gun? Time will tell…

Remember that Mutant Mudds DLC we were telling you about not so long ago? Well it’s being made available this week and can be downloaded via the 3DS eShop. It’s free, so if you have a copy of the game get on it!

Over on DSiWare this week you’ll find CIRCLE Entertainment’s 18th Gate, a grid based dungeon crawler. As you may have guessed there are 18 levels to progress through each one filled with hidden treasures for you to discover and nick off with. The game looks like a decent addition and could keep you busy for a while.

Finally this week we have yet another Neo-Geo fighter in the form of World Heroes Perfect (D4 Enterprise) being released on the Wii Virtual Console. The game, originally released in 1995, is the fourth instalment in the series and features 16 fighters from history battling it out to be the strongest  It’s not regarded as the best fighter the Neo-Geo has to offer, but it’s a solid game nonetheless. Hey, it’s got plenty of competition out there!

But that’s not all! There’s also some Retail Software available for download with Mario Tennis Open as well as a new demo of the upcoming 3DS game Art of Balance TOUCH! the sequel to the popular WiiWare title. Well worth trying out.

All of these games will be made available for download on Thursday 18th October. Mega Man and Mad Dog McCree will both set you back £4.49/€4.99, every penny counts hey; 18th Gate is the full £4.50 (500 points); while World Heroes Perfect is the standard Neo-Geo 900 points (£6.30). Mario Tennis Open is a painful £39.99/€44.99; and the Mutant Mudds DLC is completely free!

What are your thoughts on this week’s offerings? Will you be downloading any of them?

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