Opinion: Brand Spanking New Seven Minute Long Animal Crossing: Jump Out Trailer

Being the massively gigantic out of control Animal Crossing fanatic that I am, the mere thought of seven minutes worth of unseen gameplay footage of the newest game in the series sets my heart a flutter. A pre warning: this piece is highly biased, deal with it. Animal Crossing is my favourite game and my second life. Therefore Animal Crossing: Jump out is going to be the best game in the entire whole world… Until, that is, Animal Crossing Wii U is released… Although that might actually be a bit too much wishful thinking. Anyway, on to my thoughts of the new trailer.

There are some features shown that avid followers of the development of Jump Out will already be aware of. You can nod in acknowledgement when you see the human characters swimming in the sea and being followed around by their canine assistants. On the subject of your canine assistant, we can now see more evidence of what your role in the town will consist of. You sit at a desk in your office with a mug of (possibly Brewster’s?) coffee and purchase new features to brighten up the town such as bridges and benches, all with the help of your doggy secretary. From this trailer we also learn that you can actually go and officially declare open your new addition to the town! Villagers turn up with party poppers! Aww!

There’s also plenty of super duper unseen stuff in the trailer too. This may not sound like much but did you notice how when you catch a fish or bug, it now shows you their measurement instantly? This shall surely make fishing tourneys and bug offs a whole lot easier.

Another thing that set my heart a-racing was the longer glimpse we got of the shopping area. After risking your life running across the railway tracks, you reach the new city area which is a vast improvement on the disappointingly puny city area from Let’s Go To The City AKA Let’s Go To The Annoyingly Small Plaza Area With Like Only A Handful Of Shops. Ugh. But enough dwelling on the past, let’s focus on the bright new future of Animal Crossing shopping. I’m quite sad that poor old Nook has been kicked out of his little shop by his nephews and has now been relegated to a model home showroom showing the houses of players met through Streetpass but I suppose you can’t have everything. Timmy and Tommy will run the family business now and the Able Sisters are back in town too. However there are also some completely new shops to be seen such as the gardening shop, Kicks’ shoe shop and a shop where you can customise the pattern and colour of all of your furniture which is run by brightly coloured llamas. Fair enough.

There are just a couple of other things I’d like to share my excitement on. First of all OH MY GOSH THE ISLAND IS BACK! Remember the island from waaaay back in the Gamecube days? The one that you had to travel in a boat with Kapp’n to reach? Yes, that one. Well it’s back! Yes, yes and yes. One final thing is the inclusion of mini games. Mini. Games. Oh. Gosh. I wonder if these can be played alone or against CPU players as well as in multiplayer mode but in the trailer we see a maze-based mini game and other adorably fun looking larks.

I must end here as I’m getting far too excited. Please do watch the trailer and let me know what you think of all the new features. Try not to get too excited, think of your blood pressure.

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