Wii U Voice Chat Will Not Be Compatible With Every Game

Voice chat DOES work on Wii U, this has been confirmed. That’s the good news. The bad (but inevitable) news is that it will not be implemented in every game. So far the only titles which will have voice chat compatibility are Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. So basically the Xbox-ish games then. Well… It’s a start!

A further piece of slightly annoying news is that chatting won’t work using the GamePad’s built-in microphone. Instead, you will need to plug a proper gaming headset in to the Pad’s headphone port. Ah well, that’s ok. It’s better than nothing, right? The Pro Controller will not have a headphone port, however. Therefore you’ll need to also use a GamePad to plug your headset into if you want to use the Pro Controller and chat.

Well, well. Now we know what games have been confirmed to feature voice chat so far. Are there any other titles in the pipeline you’d like to implement voice chatting capabilities? Do let me know!

[Source: Kotaku]

2 Responses to “Wii U Voice Chat Will Not Be Compatible With Every Game”
  1. Andy Green says:

    I’m sure a wireless headset will be in the pipeline…


  2. Hannah Eyre says:

    I hope so. There has been talk of this, my prediction is for an official wireless headset not long after launch :3


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