Just Dance 4 To Bring In Gangnam Style DLC

Poor Ubisoft, they’re not having a whole lot of luck recently. First Rayman Legends gets delayed to a 2013 release and then they go and finish Just Dance 4 just before the biggest song of the year lands on the scene.

Of course the song I’m speaking of is the bizarre dance hit Gangnam Style. If you’ve not heard it by now you can count yourself luckier than the next winner of the Euromillions…

Just Dance 4 naturally had all its songs finished when it shipped so poor old Psy, or Simon (whatever his name is), was not featured on the game. Well worry not Gangnam fans as soon you’ll be able to do that… dance on the Wii and Wii U versions of the game as Ubisoft have revealed they will be including DLC that will incorporate the new dance craze.

No word on when it’ll be made available but knowing Ubisoft’s luck it’ll be the day after everyone gets bored and goes back to One Direction.

[Source: Nintendo Gamer]

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