Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Okami

It’s only been six years since Capcom first released Okami on the Playstation 2 which is incredible really when you think about it. Since then the game has gained a massive cult following and in 2008 it was released on the Wii to massive critical acclaim!

The Wii version wasn’t simply a port of the original however, it added so much more to the game! It was as though Okami was born to be on the Wii and enjoy the freedom of its new-age motion controls. Controlling Amaterasu with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck just felt right and gave the game a huge lease of life!

One of the biggest aspects of Okami was the Celestial Brush and the techniques you gain as you progress through your adventure. The Wii made this so much easier, so much more accessible and so much more immersive. Instead of being restricted with the control scheme the PS2 had to offer the Wii Remote was used to draw symbols on screen that would prompt a certain action, usually an element like wind or solar. After playing it for a while you start wondering how you even managed with the Playstation 2 version…

Since then though we’ve had a progression in technology, the Wii is now old hat and it’s all about the Wii U! Just think what you could do with an Okami game on the Nintendo’s new console…

First of all you have the obvious new control method, the GamePad, which would enhance the way you could summon helpful elements. Instead of painting using the Wii Remote you could simply draw on the GamePad’s touch screen with your finger or the stylus. No need to call up your drawing pad, you could do it whenever you like, on the fly! This would severely help in battles where on the Wii version you would be forced to pause the action as you brought up your paper to draw a cutting line or a spiral of wind.

It would certainly be a great way of painting in items; say a bridge is missing, all you’d need to do is go into first person view mode by holding up the GamePad to the screen and drawing a bridge over the river or chasm below! The possibilities could be endless!

The Wii Remote controls on Okami were a bit tricky at times, sometimes the game wouldn’t respond to the blatantly obvious symbols you’d just drawn and this was frustrating. The GamePad’s touch screen should be a whole lot more responsive! The Wii U’s GamePad really would be the natural next step for a new Okami title, but some areas of the game may be more suited to the Wii Remote. Things that don’t require precise objectives for example; you could use the Wii Remote to fight enemies, a feature that worked very well on the Wii version of the game. There’s no reason why the player can’t use both the Wii Remote and the GamePad as and when they need to!

The GamePad would also be useful for housing all your inventory as well as life meters and such freeing up the main screen so all those lush and vibrant visuals can really shine! All of your items and equipment, such as your Glaives, could be dragged and dropped onto Amaterasu with ease making changing fighting style a breeze!

It would be fantastic if this completely hypothetical game was a totally new one! I really love Okami and would jump for joy at the news of any upcoming sequel. It’s a shame sales of the game were relatively low compared to that of big blockbuster titles as it really does leave a lasting impression on you. If you haven’t yet played Okami I would strongly urge you to find a copy of it! It’s one of the best games of all time!

Okami HD is heading to the Playstation 3 on October 30th and it looks absolutely fantastic! A Wii U version would definitely not go a miss!

4 Responses to “Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Okami”
  1. Hannah Eyre says:

    Excellent point: the GamePad would make for much more intuitive controls! Also, just imagine how beautiful Okami would look in full HD on your TV screen and GamePad… Wow 😀


  2. Okamiden anyone?


  3. Deepak says:

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