Golden Joystick Awards: Voting Closes Tonight!

Have you voted in the HMV Gamesmaster Golden Joystick Awards yet? WELL YOU’D BETTER HURRY UP AS VOTING CLOSES TONIGHT!

So yes, if you haven’t voted for your favourite game yet and you were thinking of leaving it until tomorrow, you might want to think again…

This year represents the 30th anniversary of the Golden Joystick awards which in video game terms is actually a really long time… Think about it, Mario is what, 26? Jeez I don’t even want to know who won the first ever award…

Anyway, Nintendo are nominated in seven different categories this year including: Action-Adventure, RPG, Handheld, Download, One To Watch, Top Gaming Moment and the big one: Ultimate Game Of The Year. You owe it to yourself, and to Skyward Sword, to vote so head on over to and make your vote count!

You’ll also automatically get entered into the HMV Ultimate Gaming Prize, £4000 worth of goodies featuring an iPad 3 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 just by casting your vote! What more must they do to tempt you?

The ceremony itself will take place on 26th October at Westminster Park Plaza hotel, it’ll surely be a great night no matter what game wins!*

*if  Skyward Sword doesn’t win I’ll cry.

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