Pokédex 3D Pro Boasts Its Features In New Trailer

Pokédex Pro, launching on November 8th in the UK, has launched and new trailer and in it we get to see what the latest poke-tech has to offer.

As well as letting you view your Pokémon in 3D and listen to their cries, the device now lets you see them in action as they perform their attacks on screen. Not only that, but the upgrade is filled with information on all Pokémon , including those of the latest region, Unova, meaning over 700 Pokémon will be available for viewing. This isn’t just a simple update, however, as you can now test your knowledge of Pokémon  with ‘Pokémon Challenge’ and see if you really are a Pokémon master!

Finally, the game allows you take pictures of your Pokémon via the AR feature on the 3DS and with them stored on the Pokédex itself, you can personalise the Pokédex to make it your own. Do you think you have it in you to find all of the Pokémon?

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