Hair-Raising Images Emerge Of Pokémon Themed Fashion Statement

Ever wanted to dress up as Pikachu and go off galavanting about electrifying the local townsfolk? Well some utterly disturbing images have been found in a Japanese fashion magazine showing how you can do just that!

The image, found via Twitpic, shows a pair of ears apparently made by amassing fake hair, the kind that’s usually used to add more volume, into points and painting them yellow and black. To complete the entire Pikachu look all you need then is a bit of facepaint, a yellow costume and a distinct lack of brain cells…

Let’s just hope this monstrosity doesn’t catch on.

And you thought PETA were bad…

[Source: Kotaku; Twitpic]

One Response to “Hair-Raising Images Emerge Of Pokémon Themed Fashion Statement”
  1. That looks well freaky.


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