Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Be Cheaper To Download From The Nintendo eShop In Japan

Namco Bandai have confirmed they will be releasing a download version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 alongside the physical retail version in Japan.

The digital version of the game will actually be cheaper than buying a physical copy of the game by 700 Yen! The phsical copy will cost 6,980 Yen while the digital download from the Nintendo eShop will only set you back 6,280 Yen.

However there’s a catch, as you might expect. The downloaded version will take up a ridiculous 16.7 GB which equates to over half of the overall capacity of a premium Wii U!

What we can take from this news at least is that third party publishers are starting to see that there does need to be an actual incentive to get people to download a copy of a brand new game. In this case Namco Bandai have reduced the price a little to tempt consumers which is understandable seeing as they don’t have the luxury of Nintendo’s Club Nintendo to give away double points and freebies.

What do you think? Would you be happy to download games if they were at a reduced price? Just think, with all the money you save you can buy lots of SD cards. You’re going to need them!

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[Source: Siliconera]

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