UK Retailers Fear Wii U Shortages At Launch

A pair of unidentified retailers in the UK have told CVG that they fear there won’t be enough Wii Us to go around come the launch on 30th November.

The retailers allege that only 25,000 Wii U units will be available on the day of launch, with one stating that it is unlikely that there will be enough stock to fulfil all the pre-orders they have already received.

However a third unnamed retailer has also said they have “anything between 75,000 and 100,000 units during the launch period,” but concede that they don’t know “whether this allocation will arrive on day one or be distributed across a number of weeks.”

Nintendo have since updated CVG with the following quote:

“Wii U stock levels will be tight on day one. However we will be providing retailers with regular stock deliveries in the run up to Christmas in order to meet demand as quickly as possible.”

So we don’t yet know if there will be a shortage on launch day or not but it at least appears that more will be coming in on the run up to Christmas.

There were reports earlier this month of a factory fire in Japan that was said at the time to slow production and therefore shipping, but Nintendo denied this would affect the number of units in stores.

Are you worried about your pre-order? Let us know if you’re having issues.

[Source: CVG]

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