Cruz Sisters Perform Miracle In Latest Nintendo Advert

Penélope and Mónica Cruz are back with their trusty blue 3DS XL in the latest Nintendo advertising campaign and this time they’re doing a spot of puzzling. Yes, seemingly done with New Super Mario Bros. 2 the sister act are now ploughing through Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask.

The new commercial shows the pair taking a well earned rest from filming in their trailer partaking in a spot of puzzle solving with the new game. Unfortunately those mean producer types get all uppity and demand Penélope gets on set meaning she must leave her poor struggling sister alone with a taxing puzzle.

As the Oscar winning actress is filming however she gets an epiphany! “Blind bear with the blue hat!” she yells as she books it back to the trailer and demands Mónica taps the blue hat donning bear on the end. Naturally she is correct and the bemused director can finally get back to filming his fairly boring looking movie…

We’ve all been there, working away when suddenly the answer to a Layton puzzle pops into your mind and all you can think of is solving it and moving on to the next one! I’ve personally never ran home yelling about a bear mind you but each to their own…

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is out now across Europe and Japan and will be hitting North American shores on 28th October! Have the sisters convinced you to buy it? Let us know!

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