Ace Attorney 5 Won’t Feature Much Voice Acting After All

During an interview with Dream Magazine, translated by Siliconera, it appeared Ace Attorney 5 producer Motohide Eshiro confirmed that the upcoming 3DS game will predominantly feature voice acting instead of the retro style sound effects we all know and love.

However it seems this is not actually the case as it’s now been confirmed by Cacpom’s community manager Brett Elston that the game won’t feature that much voice acting at all.

Elston helpfully cleared things up via his Twitter feed last week:


This misinformation could be an innocent mistranslation or perhaps Eshiro simply misspoke, but whatever happened it seems we’ll still get those lovable sound effects from the game while the voice acting will be restricted to “those iconic key phrases.”

Any objections from you? Are you disappointed to hear voice acting won’t be a big part of the new game or are you quite relieved?

[Sources: @Brelston]

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